Cabinas De Internet En Lima Peru (www. cabinasdeinternet .com) Review!

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www. cabinasdeinternet .com
www. cabinasdeinternet .com

We’re here to discuss www. cabinasdeinternet .com. Ready to know about what you’ll get there? Yes? Let’s begin –

Name of the Websitewww. cabinasdeinternet .com
Article AboutCabinas De Internet En Lima Peru (www. cabinasdeinternet .com) Review!
HomepageClick Here

www. cabinasdeinternet .com 

The page is originally in Spanish, but if you don’t understand Spanish, you can translate the page into another language (whichever you understand).

How can you change the language? 

Before entering the platform, you will see a “translate this page” option. Click on that, and then the page will be translated into your browser’s language. 

If you wanna translate the page into any other language, just visit the page. Look at the top of the screen; you’ll spot the languages there. Just change it from there, and that’s all. 

Following are the sections you’ll get on the page –

  • Courses
  • News
  • Recommended Companies
  • Blog
  • Store
  • Contact Us 


Three courses are available (both free and paid). You can take any of them if you wish. 

Import course

This course will teach you how you can import from China from your home. 

The course aims to make you a professional importer in just a few days. 

It’s suitable for –

  • Entrepreneurs 
  • People who are interested in learning about the import industry.
  • Desires to import from China or Asia.
  • Wishes to develop their import business. 

The syllabus of the course consists of information about –

  • Taxes and duties, shipping price calculations, the process of finding suppliers, order placing process, packaging, inspections, regulations and import requirements. 

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Courses

The courses available under this category are –

  • Basic word (helps to understand the use of word processors that exist in almost every computer). 
  • Basic Excel (it helps you understand how to process charts, tables and graphs in Excel). 
  • Basic Powerpoint
  • Intermediate word
  • Intermediate Excel
  • Intermediate PowerPoint. 

The Ministry of Labor offers free Word, Excel, and PowerPoint courses. But you can enrol in any of these courses if you haven’t taken that. 

Course and design of melamine furniture

It’s a free course that will teach you how to manufacture and assemble furniture made from melamine. 

The motto of this course is to provide people with the knowledge to start a business from home with less investment. 

The syllabus –

  • Accessories for melamine, chipboard, assemblies and brackets, furniture design, plans and diagrams, and furniture assembly. 

News Section 

This section consists of news regarding various topics like “the most epic comebacks of real Madrid”, “Britney spears said she’s pregnant”, “fonavistas demand full recovery of their money“, and a lot of other topics. 

Yet, there are only two pages available for news. Later, you might get other news, too, but you have to wait for it. 

In this section of the website, the best service companies and products in various areas are mentioned. 

You should visit this section for the same information. Besides, the organizations that are looking for staff are also mentioned at the bottom of the page. 


The blog section consists of blogs about –

  • Netflix accounts ( in this, you’ll get to know about free Netflix accounts, can you get one and other information)
  • What is Spotify?
  • Accounting for entrepreneurs
  • Online Security
  • How to sell on Olx, how to make money with amazon affiliates, how to sell in mercadolibre, and windows server 2019 VPS hosting available now. 

All these topics are mentioned in detail in the blogs section. 


From the store section, you can get information about USB cables, watches, etc. Besides you can also order them from the platform. 

Contact Us 

If you wanna contact the website owner/team, you can go here. You’ll be required to fill in your Name, email and the issue for contacting. 

Final Words

So this is all the information about www. cabinasdeinternet .com and the sections that you’ll get there.

The website is worth visiting as its offers a lot. So you can visit it if you wish and think you’ll get something useful there. 

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