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Www.nilavilakku. com (Sep) est Website Review Here!

Today I explored a very popular Malayalam TV industry TV show which will mention my blog name so the audience will definitely get the idea that this blog totally refers to this famous.

TV serial and this TV serial is so much famous and popular in Malayalam entertainment Surya. And all TV star’s played very interesting and incredible roles in this TV show and every performance is great according to the serial needs. And this serial gain top list in the all popular serials list as well.

Www.nilavilakku. com is a highly popular Malayalam television serial in the malayalam tv industry one of the most popular with leading.

Malayalam entertainment channels with highly famousSurya TV. Recently launched new series concluded on Surya TV after completing 1000 episodes and gained many high awards with telly awards and most importantly, immense popularity, love and support from the audiences.

www.nilavilakku. com
www.nilavilakku. com

Www.nilavilakku. com is about a girl who gets married and comes to stay with her husband at her in-law’s home. And this story is based on her life about her struggle of life and her dreams which she had to sacrifice for her marriage and now Nila has to spend her whole life with in -laws forgetting about her dreams.

She has to face her mother in law but eventually she accepts her.Because she doesn’t like her but by and by she  starts liking her and they begin to understand each other.

The whole show is about how Nila becomes an important part of her in-laws house with her loving and caring nature and supports all the time with family members during her hard time of life and solve her problems with clear all ups and downs of life.

The whole Serial Cast with Crew team of Serial Nila Vilakku like others co- start of this serial are Harikrishnan-veteran actor, Lakshmi Viswanath-most  popular Malayalam actress and have media personality, with Sangeetha Sivan- extremely talented actress she works in various Malayalam and Telugu serials and films, Veena Nair- veteran actress, Shalini Sivaraman- she worked with quite a few TV projects, ‘Althara’- an upcoming actress, Anoop Sivasevan- famous face and mostly seen playing so many character roles in Malayalam television serials and with famous film also.

Malayalam all artiste and also a multi-talented with media personality, Sabari Nath- popular actress, Kottayam Rasheed- talented with  TV actors etc.

She is also multi-talented Lakshmi Vishwanath- veteran Malayalam television actress is playing the character of Archana, spouse of  the male protagonist Adithyan and the main female with male leads all playing all roles are great and the show goes on.


This Malayalam TV serial is highly popular in Malayalam entertainment industry and most of the actress and actor are popular during this show and this serial have top 10 serial which is popular in Malayalam entertainment Surya TV channel and all the reviews are great about this TV show and audience are highly like to watch the shows also.

“According to me this show’s reviews are great about the show’s story characters. Everything is good and this show is popular also and everyone likes to watch this show. “


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