Www.nssindia.org .in – A NGO For Nirmal Sewa Samiti

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Www.nssindia.org .in

Www.nssindia.org .in: Nirmal Sewa Samiti is registered as non-government organization (NGO) this NGO working in UP India established in the year of 1994. Nirmal Sewa samiti woks in these areas (aged, elderly, Animal, Dairying &fisheries, Animal welfare &Art and culture, children education &literary food and agriculture, Rural Development Science and technology urban Development training water, women development & Empowerment youth affairs in these areas NSS working on it and the all areas in progress are very fastly and all and the all mention the best helps to improve all the area and this NGO working on this field very nicely and provide excellent contribution to improve the every field day by day.

Www.nssindia.org .in
Www.nssindia.org .in

NSS offers decent and Creative flexible platform :

Providing aid to those Suffer :

Nirmal Sewa samiti focused on brining aid those are suffering and affected conflict natural disasters and facing so many problems that time so this NGO helps them to provide services to resolve the problem . And throw of this they provide food , clothes, medicine also whatever necessary item to required for living.

Working on Social Justice :

Social justice is very important point in our society if any one suffer from any problem throw society. They want to social justice and this is our right no can stop who want social justice. Social justice uphold only when human rights and access the participation and equity. If we can see that social justice is related to economic and wealth.

Enhance the Women Empowerment :

Women empowerment is most important part of our life today and now we have to do the work on this now the women doesn’t depends on any other. They can do whatever they want to do and women can choose any field for work and live independently without any fear and they fulfill there dreams and achieved the success in the life. Women activities refers to improvement to social, economic, and political States of country. Now the women’s can face any situation and problem any where . Women’s are face of the our country.

NSS organized scholarship programs :

NSS organization organized so many scholarship program and the NGO achieve the success in this mission . Because throw scholarship so many students who want to do study but due to weak in financial conditions they did not fullfill there desire. But this NGO organized the scholarship program so many students can study under the scholarship program mission. Shiksha Sewa Samiti gives 1 lac scholarship to the students to achieve the success in there life.


Nirmal Sewa Samiti achieved the success there mission and in this NGO mission is related to women’s culture, education many more throw this NGO so many women’s and students fulfill there dreams and achieved the success in there life to become successful person in his life and NSS organization helps the women’s to encourage to take stand ourselves and work on agriculture, rural areas others also

  • 5000 women’s educated throw NSS organization
  • 12000 offers free Beautician course
  • 13+ students get the scholarship

These achievements are mention the this NGO mission shows there hard work and delegation of there work and NGO always ready to helps to other achieve the success and become nice person in the life and ready to whatever necessary for our society and culture.

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