Xnx Universal Transmitter Datasheet (2022) Complete Details!

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Introduction Of Xnx Universal Transmitter Datasheet

XNX is a low-maintenance universal platform that helps to work on a digital bus system as a safety instrument. It is a very flexible transmitter to accept an input configured is required.

This makes the user to capable to have a single type of interface for all gas detection. If the site output standard will change immediately, so you can reconfigure it to provide new output.

XNX has more than 250 unique configurations and can satisfy class 1 and class 2 intrinsically safe, explosion prove requirements in upstream oil and downstream oil, chemical, and several other industries.

The wall of this is made up of stainless steel or aluminum, and it has a marine-grade coating. five threaded ports are available in metric or entity version that helps to provide ultimate installation flexibility.

Xnx Universal Transmitter Datasheet
Xnx Universal Transmitter Datasheet

XNX allows the user to use the most comfortable guess the tension technology for each application, standardize the detectors, and gives the flexibility to the needed single output.

Xnx Universal Transmitter Datasheet

Worldwide it is the most dangerous area and performance approval in the house. It is present either in painted Marine grade aluminum alloy or stainless steel with 316 versions. A large backlit LCD directs the unit status by using a mixture of text, digits, and icons.

The user can convert its operation by using the LCD and magnetic switches without any need to open the unit. Some local LEDs are also given which directs the unit status at the glance.

Compatibility of XNX transmitter sensor

XNX is very comfortable because it includes search line Excel, searches point optima Plus, sense point, etc. And also you have the opportunity to check the datasheet in the matter related to the sensor.

It also has a multi-purpose detector which is made up of stainless steel sensors with the feature of plugin catalytic and infrared sensor cartridges.

The catalytic sensor help to measure the range of flammable gases from 0-100% LEL and on the other hand infrared sensors help to measure the range of hydrocarbons from 0-100% LEL, or methane 0-100%LEL and carbon dioxide from 0-5% volume.

This easy sensor interfaces with the XNX transmitter and helps to allow the sensor to be hot-swapped without any requirement to permit hot work. And it helps to reduce the cost of ownership but this happened when you reduce the cost and time to the service detector.

XNX configuration transmitter 

It consists mainly of three configurations. It consists of POD the full form of POD is personality, options, and display that helps to determine the transmitter behavior which is attached to it.

The Mv configuration is used for all MB signal input sensors like MPD, sense point HT, PPM, etc.

The electrochemical cell configuration is used with the XNX electrochemical cell toxic and oxygen sensor. And last, the IR configuration is used with search line Excel open path and search point optima infrared gas detector.

Some important features of the Xnx Universal Transmitter Datasheet

 It contains several remarkable features. some of them are-

  1. Flexibility– XNX universal transmitter is very compatible with all get sensors, and for each application, it allows the selection of the best sensor technology, and also it has the capability can adapt the personalities or configuration.
  2. It is a common transmitter platform and helps to reduce the time and cost and has no chance of changing incorrect settings and also helps to reduce the maintenance, spares, stock, and cost.
  3. Worldwide approval-this Xnx Universal Transmitter Datasheet is approved by several countries like Europe, the US, Canadian, etc.
  4. It is very easy to use and anyone can easily read multilingual backlight LCD with text, graphs, digits, and icons.
  5. It has a local or remote sensor and is fully configurable by non-intrusive magnetic switches, and there is no requirement to permit any hot work
  6. It is very easy to install or you can say that it is a friendly installation it provides a removable plug or socket type terminal block which helps to ease the wiring.


Xnx Universal Transmitter Datasheet is very easy to use and at the same time, it is a very low maintenance platform. This transmitter is useful for an extended range of local and remote gas detectors for the detection of oxygen, flame, and toxicity.

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