Zazem Free Robux Obby 2023: Everything You Need To Know!

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There is a new obby on Roblox that claims to give free Robux to players. It is known as glitch and was created by Hazem. When you complete a specific stage in this obby, you get the code you can use further to get Robux. 

Zazem Free Robux Obby
Zazem Free Robux Obby

Hazem has recently developed its website,, where you can redeem these codes. You just need to go to the website, enter your username and code and then click on redeem. 

And there is good news for you; it has also released some codes you can get without passing the stages. Curious to get the Hazem free robux obby codes? Below is their list – 

newchapter20 skips
happy20234 skips
extraskips14 skips
sorry4dawait4 skips
bigreward4 skips
askip4u1 skip
getskips2 skips
bunchskips4 skips
christmas20214 skips
p0tat0e2 skips
xk4n0s2 skips
robloxdown3 skips
squidgame2 skips
extraskipsss3 skips
summer20212 skips
dizcORd2 skips
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