How To Piso Wifi Portal Login?

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Looking for a perfect and straightforward guide to the piso wifi portal login process? If yes, then you’ve visited the perfect place, as I’ll mention the whole process in simple words. Please read till the end – 

What is

It’s a default IP address to the login admin panel of a router and is often misspelt as 

The correct spelling is, and if you type the incorrect one, you will return to an invalid web page. 

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Logging in to the piso wifi portal isn’t a difficult task. You just need the default username and password to access the router’s settings. 

Now, let’s move to the steps for logging in

 Here are they –

  • Open a web browser ( whichever you wish to use). 
  • Type or to visit the official website for login. 
  • A login page will open where you’ll be required to enter your username and password in the relevant sections.

(If you don’t know what your password and username are, try logging in with the default ones). 

  • After entering this information in the respective columns, tap “login.”

That’s all. 

Important – If you have logged in to your router settings for the first time, I suggest you change the default password as soon as you can. 

Leaving it just like that can aid cyber-criminals or others in accessing your personal information. 

Tips for setting up passwords – use a password of at least eight characters that contains numbers, signs, and special characters

Encountering issues while logging in to

Many people face issues while logging in, so I’ve come up with some solutions. Have a look and try to implement these solutions to get rid of login issues – 

  • The default gateway address of your router might be wrong (other than If this is the case, your browser may not be able to locate the admin panel of So, inspect the correct gateway and then try logging in. 
  • You’re mistyping the URL. It often happens that people sometimes type or don’t type zeros exactly, etc. So, in that case, check whether you have spelt everything properly. 
  • Restart your wifi network and router. And after restarting, hold on for some minutes to reconnect to your wi-fi. 
  • Check whether you’re able to browse other websites. If not, you have to wait for some time and try again. Sometimes, people encounter issues like this due to an ISP outage. 
  • Clear cache and cookies from your browser. 
  • Try factory resetting if any of the above-mentioned solutions don’t work. But let me tell you that if you do a factory reset, all your manual settings will revert. 


So this is how you can sign in to the piso wifi portal login. I hope the guide has helped you successfully log into your router. Have any doubts about any section of the article? Ask me in the comment section to clear it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my password

If you haven’t changed your wi-fi password yet, try using the default passwords. 

How do I log into piso wifi admin?

Move to the official website of Piso login > enter credentials > smash on the login option. 
I’ve mentioned the whole process in detail in the above article. So please have a look there. 

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