How To Activate The Mechanism Genshin Chasm?

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How To Activate The Mechanism Genshin Chasm?

It introduces a new type of materials, new mechanisms, and gadgets that will teach you throughout your journey.

There are three mechanics that the user needs to activate in the chasm in genshin impact. Most of the players are struck because there is a certain step you must complete and that is to upgrade the lumenstone adjuvant.  Activating the mechanism it gives the travelers to recover the gadget’s energy by collecting blue energy orbs. Three mechanisms are-

1. It is located in the middle of the stony hall and Southwest of the teleported marker. This is the first mechanism to activate.

Once you have sufficient energy and can stand close to the first pillar before activating the mechanism the oozing concretions can deplete the gadget’s energy meter.

2. The second pillar is in the West direction of the first mechanism, for this, the user needs to collect enough lumenstone adjuvant energy to dispel the oozing concretions and activate the mechanism of the genshin chasm. Some lumenstone adjuvant energy orbs are at the bottom of the Cliff and not far from the second mechanism. The player can activate the second mechanism as soon as recharging the pillars. For this, the player needs to defeat the hydro abyss herald enemy in the area.

3. The last and the third mechanism are located in the southeast of the third pillar with some energy orbs in an adjacent chamber. After removing the oozing concretions the slime enemies will attack the player from the mechanism.

The mechanism is activated as soon as the enemies are defeated and then recharges the gadget. More enemies spawn in this location defeating them that will allow the player to conclude the heavily stone’s debris world quest.

Activate The Mechanism Genshin Chasm
Activate The Mechanism Genshin Chasm

Where to find & Activate The Mechanism Genshin Chasm?

to find the mechanism is one of the important objectives for the heavenly stone’s debrish world quest and the part of the chess world quest series, The chasm delivers.

Oozing concretions is a slimy purple color substance. The player will need to use the lumenstone adjuvant gadget to eliminate the oozing concretions encasing the mechanisms.

If the user is not able to remove the substance which is surrounded by the mechanism, the player needs to level up the gadget to a level 2 and higher. For this, the player requires blue-colored material called lumenspar and lumenstone ore, which is found in the underground mines of the chasm.

If the player has sufficient lumenspar or lumenstone ore, it will allow the player to visit jinwu to upgrade the lumenstone adjuvant a gadget, for this, the player requires a blooming light effect for the quest. jinwu can be found in the Ad-hoc main tunnel which is at the underground mines of the chasm.

How to gather items and their uses?

countless items are split into two categories in-game materials and character items.


material includes items that allow the player to craft things like the plant, or small creatures. The player can purchase some materials at various shops. These materials can be used to cook food on a lit fire or Stove in the City which is located at the blacksmith. This item has been used to collect anything.

Character items

those items which are used to strengthen the characters in genshin impact there are many ways to upgrade them. Some character item names are weapon materials, Boss materials, talent books, character experience books, readily accessible, etc they are all items that give the player eventually used to make your character stronger.

Chasm chest location

to visit the chasm chest location in the genshin impact the first step is that the player needs to unlock the chasm area in the genshin impact. Once the area is unlocked, to clear the player needs to start searching the chest location in the chasm.

Some chasm chest location in genshin impact is

common chest location, precious chest location, exquisite chest location, luxurious chest location, etc.

In this, some of the chests in the chasm region are in the form of puzzles, quests, or more. Therefore some players are not able to simply unlock them and some of them are simply unlocked.


just is the universal revolt used for exploring in the genshin impact. the player needs to find and unlock the chest in a multitude of types like clearing enemy monster Camps, by completing puzzles and taking part in the challenges. In this, the reward will proportionally increase.


This game is very easy and interesting to play. This is free action game. It is easy to understand this came while you are starting playing.

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