Antiwordle (April 2022) Another Wordle Alternative Word Game!

Everyone might have played the name game like Wordle, Duotrigordle or something similar to it. These games need to be used to guess the secret word within limited attempts. But have you ever thought of the game where you must try not to guess the secret word? Yes, Antiwordle is a game that is also a puzzle, but it is completely the opposite of Wordle.

So, players, if you want to try something new in these name puzzle games, give it a try. Let’s look more at Antiwordle and what the game is all about.

What is Antiwordle?

Antiwordle is a puzzle game where you should not get the correct answer. The other puzzle games need to guess the correct word within limited attempts, but in Antiwordle, you need to make as many attempts as possible to avoid the correct answer.

One who has more guesses has a good score and stays in the game for a long. Thus, it contradicts the Wordle and is quite challenging to play.


Antiwordle needs players to avoid guessing the secret word and increase the tries. The whole concept of the game makes the players quite excited and fun to play.

The game is available online, and is a new game is uploaded daily. It is also a five-letter word puzzle, but you are not required to guess the correct answer. So, give it a try and have a completely new experience in a puzzle game.

What are the rules of playing Antiwordle?

There are a certain set of rules to be followed while playing Antiwordle. So, have a look at the rules:

  • If you guess the letter is not available in the secret word, it becomes grey. The bad thing is you are not able to use that letter again.
  • If the letter grid becomes yellow, it means the letter is correct but wrongly positioned.
  • The grid turns red if the letter and position are correctly guessed.
  • Once you get the red letter, it means in other guesses, the same letter must be present in the same position and narrow down the word.

How to play the game?

Antiwordle is quite difficult to play as you must keep increasing the attempts and avoid guessing the correct word. So, if you want to try your hands at the game, follow the given steps:

  • Visit¬†¬†to play the game.
  • It is an online game where 5 letters words are to be entered, but it should not be the secret word.
  • Follow the game’s colour rules and keep on avoiding the correct answer.
  • Once you get the secret word, the game ends, and the total number of attempts can be shared further with friends through different social media.


What is considered a good score in Antiwordle?

The game Antiwordle is contradictory to Wordle, and so if you can increase the number of your guesses, it means you are successful. Thus, try hard to stay away from the correct word and keep guessing to stay in the game.

Is Antiwordle a daily puzzle game?

Yes, Antiwordle is a game where a new puzzle is uploaded daily. Once you have guessed the secret word, the game is over, and you need to wait for the new game.


Antiwordle is a new version of Wordle where you are required to enter 5 letters in the puzzle but are not required to guess the secret word. This game needs to increase the number of guesses to win a good score, and thus, it is very hard to stay away from the secret word.

The rules are designed such that it becomes hard to stay in the game once you get the correct letter. So, try your hand out at Antiwordle and have fun.

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