Boludle (2022 April) Complete Information About The Word Game!

About Boludle

The free daily word puzzle game is very popular in today’s generation, it has become a part of our daily life routine. The player can play this Boludle game once a day.

There are several other games which are like Boludle game to play this game is very easy and interesting but some people felt that this game is very difficult.

Some Boludle game which is based on sports theme-there is several Boludle games that is love to play all sports fan. Some of these games are gordle, weedle games, etc.

What Is Boludle?

Boludle is the most famous game and is based on the hockey game. In this game, the player has to solve their mystery within 8 attempts. This game is an alternative spin Boludle game. In this game, the player has to solve the last name of the hockey player.


Sean Mcindoe was the one who introduced this game.

How to play a Boludle game?

to play this game is very easy and also this game increases your knowledge about hockey players.

  1. Focused on the last name of the hockey players.
  2. After each guess the color of the square box will change according to the nature of the guess,
  3. Only 3 colors will visible which shows the nature of the guess they are green, yellow, and grey.
  4. green color highlights that the answer is right, the yellow color highlight that the answer is right but the position is not correct, and the grey color highlight that both the answer and the place is not correct.

To guess the correct name of the NHL player, the player has only six tries. The player can play this game only once a day.

Weedle game– weedle game is the most famous and interesting game, especially for those people who love football. Because this game is based on NFL. The full form of the NFL is the National football league. In this game, the player needs to solve the name of the football player based on height, team, division, age, jersey, etc. This game is beloved by the player who is a football match fan.

How to play this game?

In this game the player has only 8 chances to solve the challenge. some steps show how to play this game-

  1. Guess the name of NFL players in fewer attempts.
  2. In this game there should also have a color system they are grey, yellow, and green.

This game does not allow players to play a new game again after finishing the day game which means the player has to wait 24 hours.

To make searching guess easier almost all the players from the NFL are database.

Another type of Boludle game is taylordle -this game is loved by all the Taylor Swift fans. Like Boludle in this game, the player has to solve 5 letter words under 6 guesses. In this game, the player has to solve the mystery related to Taylor Swift songs.

How to play this taylordle game- it is very easy to play this game.

  • 1. In this game the player has only 6 guesses to solve the name of the song in the form of a word puzzle.
  • 2. The rules and regulations are the same just like the other worldle game.


Boludle games become a new sensation in our youth because of their themes. All age groups of people would love to play this game.

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