Archie Battersbee Tiktok Challenge (Latest Update) What Happened?

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Archie Battersbee Tiktok Challenge: With the introduction of the short film hosting application, named TikTok, China, many youngsters have come out of their houses to show their talent. Since 2016, this application’s popularity has skyrocketed, and become one of the most downloaded apps in the world. with the help of these applications, the youngsters, as well as the adults, started to make reels and go viral over the internet, so that they could feel the essence of becoming celebrities.

Not only that. Many youngsters also use these applications to earn extra income. It is one of the most wonderful applications that has been introduced in a decade. But since 2018, a new trend is going on through TikTok, in which many candidates, especially children under 18 years are engaging themselves in those challenges and hurt themselves.

Such a challenge is known as a blackout challenge. Through these challenges, many children become victims and suffer a lot. Among those victims, Archie Battersbee is one of them.

Who is Archie Battersbee? What happened to archie battersbee?

Do you know what caused archie battersbee accident? Archie Battersbee is a twelve-year-old boy, resident of Britain, who has become a victim of the cruel challenges that are going on through TikTok. According to a news report, on April 7th, he was found unconscious (archie battersbee accident tiktok) with a ligature strangled over his head at home. According to a report, while interviewing his parents, he was taking part in some challenges through TikTok for a few days.

Archie Battersbee Tiktok Challenge
Archie Battersbee Tiktok Challenge

After he was found unconscious in his room, he was immediately taken to hospital, and from there he was taken to hospice. (A center, specially designed for those who are in their end-life situation). But when he was taken to hospice, the doctor’s verdict was that his brain is not functioning due to a lack of proper inflow of oxygen in the brain. And his entire body functioning is completely dependent on the artificial machinery.

And there is always a possibility of the sudden death of the patient in the busy corridor of the hospital could create a chaotic situation. Hence, the government has decided to cut off the life support of this patient for the patient’s benefit as well as for the shake of the patient’s parents., which was denied by the parents of the Archie. After a long fight in the consecutive courts of the UK, the court verdict to complete the treatment kept Archie alive.

According to a report, Archie is a victim of the TikTok-based “Blackout challenges”. This challenge is also known as the “blackouts”.

What are blackout games/challenges?

The experts believed that social platforms like TikTok are the melting pot of such cruel traps for children. And the Blackout challenge is one of them. It is a challenge that gained popularity in 2018. According to the challenge, the participants have to strangle themselves until they become unconscious or pass out. After that, they have to put that video on TikTok to win the challenge. Such challenges are an example of the cruelty of cybercrime.

This challenge is popular with various names such as “the game of choking”, “fainting”, or speed dreaming. Due to these challenges, in many countries, many child deaths occurred. According to medical experts, such challenges are fatal and cause death to the participants. Thus, to avoid such unnatural death and suicide among the young generation, A lawsuit has been filed against TikTok in the court of California.

On the contrary, the spokesperson for TikTok reported that such challenges are prevailing on the internet long before the introduction of their platform. Not only that, such challenges were never there as a trend on TikTok and they kept a strict vigilant over the videos to safeguard its users, along with that, they will eventually remove such content if they found over TikTok.

Though the spokesperson has talked about safety and security, many such challenges are going on viral over the internet. And similar cases have been found on every platform like TikTok, and YouTube.

Like the Cases of Archie Battersbee, many other children also became victims of the game that are trending over platforms like TikTok. According to a report, in the year 2021, two deaths take place in the state of California. The “Blackout challenges” takes the life of two young girls of ages near 10 years in the last year- one is from Texas and another is from Wisconsin. Another incident came into the limelight in the year 2021. In that, another victim named Joshua, have passed out after a 19-day long fight for life. 

All over the world, such challenges are getting viral and taking the lives of our future. To combat this situation, we need to be very much conscious and must take a step against it by limiting the next generation to take participating in it. what are your views about the incident? 

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