Be careful! Try not to Attempt The NyQuil Chicken TikTok Challenge!

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On Tuesday, September 20, 2022, the sleepy chicken had more than 1.3 million videos on Tik Tok. It is a cooking practice. In this video, people are making NyQuil chicken, which has gone viral. This Nyquil chicken is trending on many social media platforms on September 20.

The NyQuil chicken is trending on all social media sites but is one of the most dangerous trends on social media.

Several People create videos for themselves in these trending videotapes while making chicken over the counter. The FDA or food drugs and administration in the USA issues guidelines that this Trend causes danger to human society.

NyQuil Chicken
NyQuil Chicken

The Trend goes viral with the name #sleepy chicken. According to the post issued by the FDA on his website, this Trend could also be very unsafe because boiling of medicine makes it concentrated drugs and changes the properties of the medicine.

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It is not only harmful to eat it, but if you don’t eat the chicken to heal the vapors of cooking medicines, it can cause damage because the drugs enter your body and will damage your lungs. And due to the NyQuil chicken, someone is in danger of a high amount of cough and cold because the medicine enters your body without regarding it through evaporation.

FDA encourages parents to keep their children away from this Trend and ensure that their children do not follow such Trends in the future. Parents need to sit with their children and discuss the dangerous consequences of following such kind of Trend on social media because such damage is Irreversible and causes your health very badly.

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Pupils have already phased the consequences of the Coronavirus. So people need to ensure that how important their health is. The children are being affected at a level exceeding their mindful awareness.”

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