Beppie Puzzles Reviews (Wooden) Is It Legit Or Scam?

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Are you looking out for a jigsaw puzzle for your kids or giving it out as a gift? Don’t worry as there are many online e-commerce sites where you can get something unique at an affordable cost. One such site that is known to come up with high-quality jigsaw puzzles is “”.

The company is set in the United States and is known to bring good deals but people have queries about whether it is legit or not? So, let’s peek into details regarding the site.

What is is one of the companies that has a professional jigsaw team that helps to design unique and exciting jigsaw puzzles. The high-quality jigsaw puzzle at an affordable price helps to get customers. Moreover, the site assures standard delivery in all countries of the world.

The first look of the site feels it is legit as it has an attractive site and also everything that we check out on online shopping sites. But there is something suspicious that creates doubt about the site. Reviews are the only way to help visitors know about the site and there are not reviews regarding online.

Beppie Puzzles Reviews
Beppie Puzzles Reviews

Some more things create doubt among visitors. So, we will check based on further information whether the site is legit or not?

Is the site legit?

Some criteria help to know whether the site is authenticated or not. Below is the information regarding the site based on criteria:

  • The site does not have any social presence which is quite common for online sites. It is one of the main things that makes the site suspicious.
  • does not have the owner’s name and also the address on the site is not authenticated.
  • The site was released in March 2021 and so it is hard to say anything about it. Moreover, it has only a 1% trust index score.
  • One more thing that indicates the site is a scam is plagiarized content. Nearly 88% of the content is copied which makes the site unethical.
  • There are no reviews of customers on the Trustpilot that makes it hard to believe for new customers to believe in the site.
  • Based on these details it is clear that the site is not so trustworthy. Still, one who is about to go shopping through must checkout regarding the site on the Internet.

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Buyer’s reviews

The company is released recently so it is not possible to get reviews regarding it. But based on the information like no social presence and reviews, one can say that it is not legit. Moreover, there is no positive presence on the intent that can attract customers and so wait till it gets some positive feedback. Till now, it is hard to say that the site is legit.


  1. What makes unauthenticated?

The site does not have customer reviews on the Internet nor has any social presence. The site does not allow sales items to be refunded and all items are not eligible for a refund. There is no option to cancel the order and even the address of the company is not found on Google map.

  1. Is the site legit?

The low trust score index and replicate content on the site show that the site is not legit. No reviews from buyers make it more suspicious and so one should avoid shopping through such a site.


Based on the information rearing it is not possible to say it is an authentic platform for shopping online. The bad trust score means people are not interested in the site. No positive reviews and no social presence make it hard to trust

So, one who is looking out to ship jigsaw puzzle through must give thorough check before paling order. It is advisable to wait for some time to know more about the site.

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