Burst Audio Earbuds Reviews – Best Wireless Earbuds 2021

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Burst Audio Earbuds Reviews

Burst Audio Earbuds Reviews: Technology has changed our lives, and today we are entirely dependent on it. One such example of technology is Wireless earbuds that have replaced wired earphones. Today convenience is an essential factor, and so these wireless earbuds do not have the wire that disturbs you, and it is very to carry it.

The growing demand for wireless earbuds has introduced many new brands that try to bring something new and eye-catching. One such is “Burst Audio,” which has come up with the full feature earbuds, and most importantly, it is affordable for all. The earbuds are available in just one color, but the feature and costs are good enough to grab customers.

Initially, everything looks good and can easily impress customers, but something is fishy about the site on the thorough study. So, we discuss points that show whether Burst Audio Earbuds is legit or a scam.


  • Burst Audio Earbuds comes with many benefits which can impress anyone. So, let’s check out what makes Burst Audio Earbuds exceptional:
  • The site says that earbuds come with a 2000MAH power bank so that users can charge their earbuds at any time and any place.
  • The sleek and attractive design is one of the reasons that people tend to go for this earbud.
  • The sound quality and the battery backup of the earbuds are also excellent. It shows the durability of earbuds.
  • It is also made with the latest technology that makes the earbuds sweatproof and waterproof, so there is no hearing disturbance.
  • The site says it gives out a 48% discount with no shipping charges. Also, it says there is 60 days moneyback guarantee which is the most impressive factor.
Burst Audio Earbuds Reviews
Burst Audio Earbuds Reviews

What shows Burst Audio Earbuds a scam?

  • The brand’s domain is just one month old, so there is just a 1% trust index. So, it is hard to believe on the site.
  • Once the order is placed, there is no information regarding the arrival date and other exchange policies. Many buyers even don’t get the confirmation mail.
  • The brand does not have social media presence which makes the site suspicious. All the shopping sites have an online presence where customers share their feedback and views, but Burst Audio Earbuds does not have it.
  • The positive reviews are present on the first page of the site, which makes it unethical. Most e-commerce sites have a separate section for reviews, and it is not displayed on the front page. The reviews on the first page are mainly to lure viewers and make them trust the site.

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  1. What features of Burst Audio Earbuds attract people?

Burst Audio Earbuds are in great demand because of new technology that makes the earbuds waterproof and sweatproof. Moreover, it is straightforward to connect earbuds through Bluetooth. Burst Audio Earbuds are affordable as compared to other brands.

  1. What makes the site suspicious?

There are positive reviews of Burst Audio Earbuds, but it is found that these reviews are only ta their official site on thorough research. Many reviews clarify that earbuds are good, but it is hard to say about the site. So, one has to be very careful before placing the order.


Burst Audio Earbuds has many impressive features that can make people go for them. Initially, everything is good, and even the earbuds are also of high quality, but it is hard to say about the site. There are some positive reviews, but at the same time, there is more negative feedback which shows the site is a scam. So, if you are looking for some affordable earbuds and willing to go for Burst Audio Earbuds, check thoroughly before placing the order.

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