Beyond Meat suspends COO after arrested for allegedly Bites nose during a fight!

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Beyond Meat is a Los Angeles food business that was founded in 2009. The chief operating officer of vegetarian food has been charged in the US for allegedly hitting a gentleman’s nose.

Douglas Ramsey is 53 years old and faces a charge of terrorist intimidation and third-degree battery. Because of this, he was arrested and imprisoned, but on September 18, 2022, he was released from jail after paying a bond of $11,090.

According to the information delivered by the local TV channel, this event happened on 17 September as Ramsey left the parking garage after a football game in Arkansas. According to the police report, he got into a brawl with another driver and bit the man while ripping the flesh at the tip of the nose.

Beyond meat bites nose
Beyond meat bites nose

Mr. Douglas previously had a three-decade career at meat processing giant Tyson food, where he over so the company’s popular McDonald’s basic units. He joined beyond meats as a chief operating officer last year.

And for this, he said if well very proud to join this mission to produce a delicious product that is healthier for the customers and more sustainable for the world. This statement was directly given to him when he got the appointment.

The Douglas was reportedly punished through Subaru’s back windshield behind getting the front tire of his car. According to the report, the Subaru landlord then conveyed out of his vehicle and commenced allegedly beating and hitting his nose.

But neither Douglas nor beyond meat immediately replied to the BBC’s recommendation for statements. The food company has been confronting suspicion from investors over disappointing sales, managing challenges, and its long-term development potential.

The stock has slipped 75% this year, earning its market cap to $1.09 billion. Within three years ago, the company was valued at $13.5 billion.

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