Chasethesavings Com (2022) All About This Website!

What Is Chasethesavings Com?

Chasethesavings Com: Chase the savings sweepstakes give the chance the people to win exciting gifts like groceries for 1 year, a $500 grocery gift card, a $500 guess gift card, tickets for Toyota, etc.

Apart from it, more than 1000 instant win prize is available to those who won. To win these exciting gifts you have to require tickets to play this game. The Owner of an American grocery store organizes a contest for the customers.

Those who want to take part in this contest can easily become part of the competition. According to the people’s review, they are very excited to win the prize, and also online lucky draw contest is also available on Chasethesavings Com.

What is sweepstakes 2022?

Sweepstakes 2022 is a lucky draw contest which is organized by safe Mart supermarkets for its customer. It is an online contest, and also the organized website for the contest is available for the contestant.

Chasethesavings Com
Chasethesavings Com

In the whole contest, they give the price which is worth approx $600,000 in various categories. To win the exciting prices the participants just have to fill out some necessary information in the registration form before the expiry date.

Some information regarding chase the savings instant with game sweepstakes

1. About game tickets– Only those game tickets are valid in which the series #SMCS-22 is printed. There is a condition by following this condition you can get the ticket which is you have to buy multiple quantities of product which is available at participating location in a single transaction. You can easily obtain the ticket from the cashier or any authorized person. per transaction, you have only a maximum of 5 ticket limits.

2. Opportunity to get a bonus ticket– Everyone is eligible by getting a bonus ticket as soon as the app of safe Mart supermarket or lucky supermarket opens changes the saving then he can easily get one bonus point.

3. Online sweepstakes- In all tickets, there is a unique PIN that helps to enter the online sweepstakes. To enter this, you just have to go to the Chasethesavings Com website, and by following the link you have to complete the registration form and then follow onscreen instructions to enter.

4. How to play an instant win game– In some game tickets there is a message in which you have won has been written. Then follow the description of an instant product price.

5. How to get bonus pins– Throughout this period that the sponsor will post some bonus pins on their social media platforms. At it can also be printed in several weekly ads. As soon as the customer enters the business pin at their website will automatically receive one online Sweepstake, per valid bonus fins entered.

And also you can gain a game ticket without purchase by sending a self-address and stamped envelope.

Information about the Chasethesavings Com website

There is various interesting information on this website are

To get the reward the visitor has to follow the rules and regulations of the company only the resident of Nevada and California can take part in this contest but the non-customers are also part of this contest by stamped envelope including a self-address to the nearest save market location.

The domain was created on 2 June 2018 and the expiry date of this domain is 2 June 2014 the period is approx 4 years and 74 days.

How to play in this contest?

  1. 1. According to the rule of this website a customer can get the advantage of a maximum of 5 tickets for each transaction.
  2. 2. The time limit to purchase this ticket is between 20 April 2022 to 14 June 2022.
  3. 3. Go to the official website and enter your detail with the unique PIN which is attached to the ticket.
  4. 4. 16 June 2022 is the last online registration date.
  5. 5. Contestant has the option to install the app for getting a bonus ticket.


This contest gives the best opportunity to win exciting prizes, and also people take so much interest in this contest. And also it is very easy to take part in this and anyone can easily take part in this game because of their easy procedure.

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