(May 2022) Everything About The Game!

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Today we will talk about one such latest game which has become viral in recent times. We are talking about Many people are playing this game every day on the internet, but some people still do not know about this game.

With the help of this blog, we will tell you what is and how to play this game. In recent times, you must have seen your friends or colleagues sharing the game of red, green tiles on various social media platforms or searching for a 5 letter word on Google with some letters in between.

The reason behind all this is, the most famous game of 2022.

Who created Game and when was it released?

Josh Wardle created this game which created panic on the internet in a few months. was released last year in October 2021. In January 2022, was purchased by the New York Times and they now release it on their website.

A new word appears after every 24 hours. Users from all over the world wait to score in its word.

How to play

Playing the game is sometimes simple but challenging, you have to brainstorm to play this popular game. The first thing is that is a 5 letter word game. You will get a new word of 5 letters every day.

Players have a limited number of attempts to guess the correct word. There are only 6 attempts to guess the word. Now, the game has some color codes.

If you guessed and none of the letters in your word match the word of the day, your tiles will appear gray. If the letter in your word is similar to today’s word, a yellow tile will appear in it, which means that the letter is in today’s word but the wrong place.

If the letter tile appears green that means the letter in your word is matching the word of the day word and also in the correct place. They have to enter the 5 letter word that they guessed. Then press enter button.

Then the game will check whether your words are correct or not. If your guessed word is correct, all 5 tiles will turn green. If some letters are present in the word of the day and the correct position, those letter tiles will turn green or if the position is not correct, those letter tiles will be yellow.


In this era of the digital world, games are not so safe for our minds. They attract us towards them and can become our obsession. Sometimes addiction to the game brings impulsive behavior in us and that can be very dangerous. is a very simple yet very different kind of game because in this you will get to know about the new words daily.

There is a limited number of trials once you lost these chances then you have to wait for 24hr and at the same time you get success in the solving then also you have to wait for another 24 hr. Wordle game will work as a challenge for your brain.

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