Cp2.knec.ac.ke login 2022 (Review) The Complete Details!

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The Kenya National Examinations Council, also known as KNEC, has made everything online. It gives an option where professionals can connect through automated management.

The main aim was to improve the efficiency and lower the manual process. In addition, KNEC is hiring many professionals on a contract basis for supervising examinations. So, to manage and recruit the best-contracted professionals, the Knec-cp2 portal works like a boon.

This portal is also known as the KNEC Contracted professional portal (KNEC-cp2) and an Invigilation portal. But, first, let’s see more about the portal and how it works for KNEC.

What is Cp2.knec.ac.ke login 2022?

KNEC has made hiring the best professionals with their automated management system. Accountability is an essential factor for administrating examinations, and so, the portal helps to connect with the best agencies and get every bit of information regarding the professionals.

Cp2.knec .ac .ke login 2022
Cp2.knec .ac .ke login 2022

KNEC receives reports of the activities and personnel information they wish to hire on a contract basis. Knec-cp2 is to get accurate and timely information of the professionals who would further assist KNEC for supervision and other management work for examination.

The portal makes it easy for KNEC to manage attendance, payments, the working of professionals, and much more. Moreover, it is done securely, so professionals appointed by the council sign the form, and their information is further saved in the centralized system.

How to register on Knec-cp2?

Many people are registering for the first time, and so to make the work easy, follow the below-given steps:

  • Visit http://cp2.knec.ac.ke and click on “create an account.”
  • To register with the Knec-cp2, enter your mobile number and confirm it by re-entering the site.
  • Click on “Create Account,” and it will send the password username along with the link for the portal on the mobile number you have used to register your account.
  • Follow the process and confirm everything. It will give access to the portal, and you can check the user manual, vacancy, and even apply for it.

Explain the process to Cp2.knec.ac.ke login 2022 portal?

If you have already registered in the portal, check out the given process to access the portal and get the required information:

  1. Visit http://cp2.knec.ac.ke and log in with your username and password.
  2. It will open the home page and give the option to edit information, update details, online submission for the vacancy, and much more.
  3. There are various options to update or edit particular details so that professionals find it easy to work.
  4. Click link profile to change personnel information, work experience to edit the working information, qualification link to change/edit your qualification details.
  5. Thus, there are links to different sections, so professionals can visit and change details accordingly.

What are the guidelines to apply for a job at KNEC?

  • Exam: Select the examination type you want to apply for at KNEC.
  • Activity: Type of activity you wish to observe, like supervision and invigilation.
  • Duty station: Select the venue you want to work as a contract professional.
  • Position: Job applicants are required to select the designation.
  • Country and sub country: select the country and sub country you are willing to work.
  • Lastly, click on the search button to get the job based on your selection.

How do you apply for the job?

Once the user has registered, it’s time to apply for the job. So, check out the guidelines and apply for the job based on the results. It will also show the number of positions available, so apply accordingly. If there is any mistake while applying, there is an option where applicants can reapply for the application.

Once the job is applied, applicants would get the message “Thank you for applying.” There is also an option to withdraw the application, so if there is any mistake, click on “withdraw Application.” Users must log out of the system once the process is done.


Which information is submitted by professionals on the portal?

Professionals who are willing to work on a contract basis with KNEC must submit all the details asked online. In addition, they also have to specify their administration work like supervision, invigilation, or management of another examination task.

What if any existing user forgets the password?

Suppose you have already registered with the portal but forgot the password; SMS password to 22262. It will send a new password to your registered mobile number and thus carry out the login process with it.


The KNEC website has all the required details and manuals, which one can check before applying for the job. On completing the job, contracted applicants will be paid through the platform. Therefore, contracted professionals must keep all their information updated on the KNEC portal.

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