{Alpha} Roblox Creature Chaos Codes, WiKi October 2022

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Creature Chaos Codes
Creature Chaos Codes

If you are here, you are certainly hunting for creature chaos codes. So without wasting even a single second, let’s get to the main topic – creature chaos codes. 

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Creature Chaos Codes for getting rid of stuff

Kill hots – it is used to remove the thing below the hand. This code will influence both the creatures and agents. 

Enum 4 0 0 dead next

It’s used to kill all creatures. 

Enum 4 0 0 dead kill targ next

This code is the same as the first two ones. The only difference is that it also destroys the killed elements’ bodies. 

Targ norn dead

The players can use this code for killing particular creatures. 

Enum 2 32 23 kill targ next

This code is used for killing bacteria. 

Enum 4 0 0 doif cage ge 5 dead endi next

It can help the players in killing the old creatures. 

Enum 4 0 0 doif cage ge 5 dead kill targ endi next

It is used for killing and destroying the bodies of old creatures only. 

Creature chaos codes that affect creatures

Enum 4 0 0 vocb next 

It is for teaching the vocabulary to each creature. 

Targ norn vocb – for teaching the vocab to selected ones only. 

Targ norn chem 125 1next

It’s for increasing the lifespan of a particular norn. 

Enum 4 0 0 chem 125 1next – for increasing the lifespan of each creature. 

Targ norm chem # 1 – for inducing a chemical into a selected creature. 

Some creature chaos codes that affect agents are

Enum family genus species bhvr 0 next endm – for making the agents untouchable. 

Targ hots tick X – for resuming the agents. 

Enum 0 0 0 drop next – players can use this for forcing the hand to drop whatever it’s holding. 

These are some of the codes that can help you in performing some specific tasks and playing the game more smoothly. 

Although these aren’t those which you can redeem for getting some particular things in the game. There are no active codes right now, for getting updates on codes, you can follow the game’s developers on Twitter or discord. They drop the codes there.

Note – if you’re redeeming or using any code, make sure you type the correct spelling.

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