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EmpowerNigerians2021 Web App (https //empowernigerians2021.web app/)

Empowernigerians2021 Web App: Nigeria is a nation in West Africa where out of 206 million people, 86.9 million of its population lives in severe poverty. The primary reasons for poverty in Nigeria are political instability and economic inequality. Due to these reasons, the unemployment rate in Nigeria is 7.96% in the year 2020.

Many unemployment factors exist in Nigeria, like negligence in the agricultural sector, corruption, misguidance about technical skills and education, rapid growth in population, lack of adequate youth development programs that make Nigeria a low economy developing country.

Therefore, Nigeria’s federal government has taken the initiative in the development of the youth through a web application Empower Nigerians 2021 (https//nyif.nmfb.com.ng/applicant new, https //nyif.nmfb.com.ng login).

The Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development and some local philanthropists are providing opportunities through Youth Empowerment Programmes 2021. In this initiative, the federal government provides:

  • Training sessions in the agricultural-related business sector.
  • Tailoring.
  • Fashion designing sector to Nigeria’s youth for building up the required skills in the 36 states of the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory (F.C.T.).
Empowernigerians2021 Web App
Empowernigerians2021 Web App

Fundamental objective of the Federal Ministry Of Youth and Sports Development

The Federal Ministry Of Youth and Sports Development’s fundamental objective is to decrease the unemployment rates among the youth. As a result, the poverty rate will also decrease and, the economy will rise to some extent. This program is specially designed for the youth that helps eradicate poverty from Nigeria and handle the youth apprehensions. The youth can get a chance to educate them by learning the agricultural-business activities along with tailoring and fashion designing skills.

This web application is mainly for the youth of Nigeria that fits the age group of 15 to 29 years to uplift youth skills. Research shows that around 745,000 Nigerian youth has been profited due to these programs. This web application proved to be a boon for Nigeria. Anyone can register that fits age eligibility criteria. This web application asks for your mobile number, and permission needs to be granted for accessing your details and login into your account. Then you can apply for the desired skill acquisitions and training programs.

Research and statistics show that the Empower Nigerians 2021 web application has a traffic rank of 2,740,190 globally, and it has a medium trust rating. It has 307 daily visitors and daily 614 page views.

However, some of the reports claim that Empower Nigerians 2021 is a fraudulent web application. The United Nations and local and international philanthropists created and sponsored this web application illegally to get tremendous profits by hacking and phishing. They are proving that 745,000 people have been benefited but do not have the proper shreds of evidence.

The application can scan a device or smartphone.

It also shows that this web application can scan a device or smartphone by asking permissions to grant access through ‘App Permission.’ If the user gives permission, it will extract all the user’s valuable data, and this data might get further misused. Nowadays, the mobile number is linked to many vital sectors, and by asking the mobile number of the user, this web application is capable handle an organized scam.

Also, the trust rating of Scam Detector Validator is just 23.4 out of 100. This rating means the web application is unsafe, suspicious, and doubtful. This has been a controversy ‘is empowernigerians2021.web.app a fraudulent web application or not?’ Many people are benefited from this program, and I think this is an excellent initiative taken by the federal government of Nigeria.

The participants report no active threats. However, we should be more alert to get away from any scam. We should investigate the particular website by personally visiting the headquarters or confirming that the information provided is correct. And then we should go further to provide all the required details.

If detected any scam or ridiculous information, please file a complaint to save others from getting into the con tricks.

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