FE2 Codes 2022, WiKi, New Maps: All About Flood Escape 2

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FE2 Codes 2022
FE2 Codes 2022

In Roblox fe2, the clear need to be fast and possible to escape the flood. With the help of Parkour aptitudes, the player must guide and travel the map region to get to higher ground. Remember one thing the water is always coming. The quicker you are, the additional points you earn. And the other information related to fe2 can be present on the wiki.

About FE2 Codes 2022

The player can easily get fe2 codes from the wiki. The codes will help you to pass the level quickly or instantly. The powers you get from these codes are impressive like you redeem gems coins, XP, etc.

Flood Escape 2 Codes (Working)

  • ok—Redeem for 500 Gems, 500 Coins, and 5k XP (New)
  • aCodeThatContainsStuff—Redeem for 100 Gems, 200 Coins, 2.5k XP (New)
  • LotsOfWater—Redeem for 60 Gems, 120 Coins, and 2k XP (New)
  • HalfADecade—Redeem for 40 Gems, 80 Coins, and 1k XP (New)
  • 5thAnniversaryFE2—Redeem for 20 Gems, 40 Coins, and 500 XP
  • NoWay10K—Redeem for 100 Gems and 100 Coins

Flood Escape 2 Codes (Expired)

  • JustForYou—Redeem for free rewards
  • LuckyNumber7—Redeem code for 7 Gems, 70 Coins, and 700 XP
  • MadeYouLook—Redeem code for 50 Gems and 100 Coins
  • 25KMembers—Redeem code for 20 Gems!
  • WannaSeeMeSpeedrun?—Redeem code for Speedrunner Item
  • 4000onTwitter—Redeem code for 60 coins and 10 Gems
  • 2021goodwill—Redeem code for 100 coins, 50 Gems, and 1,000 XP
  • happybirthdayfloodescape2—Redeem the code for a third-anniversary cake!
  • finally—Redeem the code for 50 coins and 20 Gems!
  • LotsOfItems—Redeem code for 200 Coins!
  • Happy400M—Redeem code for 100 coins, 30 gems, and 1,000 XP
  • iwannavote—Redeem code for 60 coins and 10 Gems

Is the player get extra Fe2 codes?

Yes, the player has the opportunity to get extra codes. For this, the player needs to visit the fe2 game social media handles because the created posted codes for a particular time on the game handle. So it is necessary to check the fe2 game account from time to time.

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Information regarding fe2 new maps

The map is the location of the participants during the game and is one of the most important components of the Fe2. Each Map is antique in layout, and each delivery is the place to receive, a platform to jump, a button to press, and other features.

It would help if you pressed the button and successfully escaped to a safe region while avoiding drowning in our rising flood to earn money and knowledge. The Map is divided into some difficulties level like easy, normal, hard, crazy, insane, etc.

Information about the list of maps

As of January 2022, the creator of fe2 health has released around 37 maps. Northern workshop, polar industry, and Erie peaks are seasonal maps that can only be seen during their respective seasons; three new maps are added in October 2022: sandswept Ruins, Ignis peaks, and Satomi spring.

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