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Introduction Of Enjazit Com SA

Enjazit Com SA: Saudi Arabia has attempted to invite people to the country for the reason that is based on religious purposes. To invite the people now, they change the strategy.

As per the Saudi vision 2030 economic reform plan launched by crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, under this plan, the Saudi Arabs are trying to decrease their obsession with oil by modifying several other regions like tourism for culture, desert, and ecology.

Tourister to the country requires a Saudi Arab visa until they appear from one of the Visa-free countries. On 29 September, the Saudi Arabian Kingdom inaugurated its Saudi online visa procedure. This procedure allows 51 countries to attend visas online for a fee, on previous two arrivals or upon appearance. 

Under their procedure single entry visa permit States up to 1 month, and on the other hand, a considerable entry visa permit stays up to 3 months in the kingdom of the Saudi Arab there are several other types of visas granted by the Saudi government, like the Visa for migrants, Saudi Arab business visitor visa’s, family tourist visa, Visa for Muslim who are travelling to go Hajj and Umrah, which is known as Umrah visas.

Enjazit Com SA
Enjazit Com SA

In addition, those who were not part of the 2019 visa program are also liable to take a visa. For this, they just have to contact with Saudi embassy or Saudi consulate in their own country to receive a visa.

To receive a visa, the Saudi Arabs introduce Enjazit Com SA online registration. Enjazit online registration, please, and important role in the Saudi visa application. This is an important process for notifying the specified crossing consultation of incoming applications and paying the required fees for the visa service.

Describe visa application?

It is an electronic application. With the help of this application, the Applicant can send their application directly to the KSA embassy for the Saudi Visa. If the Visa is issued only for business development employment or for the induction of an employed family member in the state, it can only be obtained with an appropriate invitation letter from the announcer.

The consult describes in the letter requires you to approximate the one you are applying to. In this process, Enjaz received the much-needed material and all the documents you have submitted to the consulate.

There are two methods to access this application. First, the Applicant can identify himself online on the official website of the Enjazit Com SA visa Application or can apply with the help of the Arabian embassy. But this process does not apply to visitors; for them, the Saudi government introduces the facility of a portal to apply.

In which conditions the Applicant can be applied for through Enjazit Com SA online-

There are 14 different types of Saudi visas offered by the Saudi embassy. Visa types offered through Enjazit Com SA are-

Government tourist visa, diplomatic missions and organization, business tourist visa, employment visa, residence visa, newborn Visa, the extension of exit, family tourist visa, companion visa, personal tourist visa, student visa, etc.

There is a mandatory condition that if you are moving through Saudi Arabia by the connecting flite, then after, the application requires you to receive a transit visa if there is a difference of 12 hours or more.

Describe the online registration process?

It is a very easy process. Applicants just require some passport-size photos with white background. And these photos have to be uploaded to the Enjazit Com SA application.

To apply, the Applicant must have to follow some instructions are-

  1. The Applicant has to open the official website of Enjazit.
  2. On this website, choose an individual option.
  3. After choosing an application for Visa from a Saudi mission abroad.
  4. Then, fill in some other necessary information in the form.
  5. Application form and pay the visa fee.
  6. Take a printout of the peace receipt and attach it to the application and send this application to the Saudi consular section.

What are the application fees for Enjazit Com SA?

The application charges $1050. And on the matter of applying by the embassy, Enjaz requires fees with consular fees. And for this, the Applicant is required to pay a Health insurance fee.

On the Enjaz application form, what kinds of details are required?

After uploading the photo, they were asked to fill in some necessary information in the forms, like name, gender, date of birth, nationality, and passport number, date of expiry, passport, marital status, religion, employment, and qualification details.

After detail, they will ask you to describe some details about your sponsors, like the sponsors’ names, addresses, and phone numbers.

Who are applicable for filing and applying for a Saudi Arabic visa?

Applicants from capable countries accept Hajj visa applicants required to follow this procedure. To apply, some eligibility criteria are the Applicant Should attends the age of 18 years or more or be supported by an adult guardian.


Enjazit Com SA is an electronic application for receiving a Saudi Visa, and it is very easy to apply to the official website of Enjazit. The Applicant can help us and, with the help of the Saudi embassy, can apply for the Visa.

As per the new law enforced in 2019, 51 countries can receive a visa for Saudi tourism or religious purpose with the help of a previous application and upon arrival.

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