Eyezonethiopia Com (Nov) Donation Website Detail!

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Today many people around us are willing to help survivors of different disasters. Everyone knows that the conflict in the Ethiopia foundation has brought many people on the road and made it hard to survive. So, to help the people of Ethiopia, there are different mediums, one of which is https://eyezonethiopia.com/.

The donation will help hospitals, governments, and even other non-profitable organizations improve Ethiopia’s condition. Many people are ready to help others but don’t find a medium, so eyezon ethiopia was launched.

What is Eyezonethiopia Com?

Eyezonethiopia Com is an online site that helps the people of Ethiopia to fight against the crisis. It is owned by the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency and developed by Chapa Financial Tech. The site helps donors to find a medium through which they can donate money. The donation earned through the site will be used in hospitals to fight against Covid and other causes that have made life miserable.

The site is very easy to use, and one finds it very easy to donate money. Moreover, there is no transfer fee which helps to give 100% donation without any deduction. The site says that money is donated immediately, and the financial information used by donors is safe. These all show that the site is legit, but the site lacks social presence and much other important information, which creates doubts.

Eyezonethiopia Com
Eyezonethiopia Com


  • The website does not have the name of the donors.
  • There are no reviews on the site and other online resources.
  • Eyezonethiopia does not have any information on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other such social platforms.
  • The site is suspicious with a low trust index.

Is Eyezonethiopia safe?

The site Eyezonethiopia.Com was launched before 2 months, and so the domain is quite new. The trust score is also not good, which makes it hard ot believe. Before donation, donors like to check the amount donated by others along with their names. But the site does not show the name, and there it is not present on any of the popular social platforms.

The Alexa ranking and no reviews prove that the site is a SCAM. There are reviews of people on such donation sites which inspire others, but amazon ethiopia does not have any such review. In all, it’s up to donors to check out other information regarding the site before making any donation.


  1. How to donate through Eyezonethiopia?

People who are willing to donate for the welfare of Ethiopia need to visit the site https://eyezonethiopia.com/ and click on “Donate Now.” It will ask the door to enter their details, amount, and even payment method to process the donation.

  1. Is Eyezonethiopia legit?

There are negative reviews, and donors’ names are not displayed on their official site, which makes it hard to believe on the site. The site asks for credit card details, and so there are chances to get scammed. So, it is hard to say whether the site is legit or not.


The site ayzone ethiopia has launched just a few days back, and so the domain is quite new. But the trust index, no reviews make it hard to believe on the site. The reviews, low trust index, and lacking details on the site make it illegitimate. So, even if you are willing to donate and help people, make sure to be safe from any scam.

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