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Everyone might have heard that Former US President Donald Trump was a booter from social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. It was because Donald Trump was found to instigate people that led to Capital Riot. So, to reach people, there are speculations that the former president launched a new social media platform like Twitter called “Gettr”.

What is Gettr?

Gettr is another social media platform like Twitter and Facebook. It allows people to find other people, follow them and thus are free to share their thought on social media platforms. Donald Trump’s team launches this platform, so it is said that the former president is also involved.

The team members say that it is one such platform where people won’t get banned for sharing their ideas with the world. This social media platform will challenge other special media monopolies and thus make it accessible for everyone to share ideas. It is said that Gettr will work as a non-biased platform, and once the app passes the beta version, it would be available on the Google play store and Apple store.

Who launched Gettr?

The social media platform Gettr is found by Jason Miller, who worked as senior advisor to the former president Donald Triumph. He left the job to become the CEO of the new company, and thus, he is no longer working with the president. He said an account named “@realDonaldTrump”, which is not currently available, is reserved for the president.

No proof shows the president is involved in the company Gettr. Miller said that they are waiting for Donald Trump to join the Gettr as it is his decision. According to Miller, this social media platform is mainly for high profile users, and he made clear that Donald Trump is not funding this new company.

What proves that Donald Trump is involved in Gettr?

Gettr is released by Donald Trump’s team that made it believe Trump’s involvement with this new platform. There is an account that is reserved fo him, but he has not yet accepted it.

Donald Trump was banned from Twitter and Facebook, and he had earlier announced that he would come up with some new venture. So, based on it, it is believed that Trump is involved with this new company.


  1. When will Gettr be released?

The beta version of the app was released on 1sy July 2021. It is expected to release publicly on 4th July 2021, at 10.AM. The news regarding the launch of the app is released by Donald Trump’s spokesperson named Jason Miller.

  1. Is Gettr similar to Twitter?

Based on the reviews made by people, the platform Gettr is quite similar to Twitter. People would find it very easy to find followers. Also, it allows people to share their reviews and thoughts with other people.


Donald Trump’s team releases Gettr, so it is said that this social media platform also has the president’s involvement. Some information says Donald Trump also has an account on Gettr, which proves he releases this platform after getting banned on Twitter. Still, no proof proved it, so we will have to wait and watch until it gets publicly released.

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