How to Get 7 Hellion Tft (Pfannenwender tft) Full Details!

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If you love playing battle games, Teamfight Tactics (Tft) will be surely on your gaming list. It is an auto battler game that is played online. All the Tft players are familiar with Hellion power, but most of them are looking to get 7 Hellion Tft. So, let’s see how players can get these powers and make their game powerful.

Teamfight Tactics is the spin-off of League of Legends where players have a team of 7 players and compete with each other. It is quite challenging to survive, so players need powers like Hellion to increase their chance of survival. The new update has introduced Hellion traits, a dark theme and a new championship. 

What is Hellion Tft?

Hellion is a power in Teamfight Tactics that helps players to power up their speed. Players can collect as many Hellions as possible, which will increase the attacking speed and also allow them to rise from the dead. Thus, the new trait is beneficial for players, and everyone is looking to get it. 

The Hellion Tft comes in three stages which are 3 Hellion that gives 5 percent attack speed, 5 Hellions to provide 50 percent attack speed. The most powerful is 7 Hellions as it gives 125 percent attack speed to the players, making players powerful enough to win the championship.

How to Get 7 Hellion Tft
How to Get 7 Hellion Tft

How to get 7 Hellion Tft?

Hellion gives attacking speed and mana to players. It is a new trait that can be activated depending on the Hellions collected by players. Teamfight Tactics has six hellion championship, which is as follows:

  • Poppy, Ziggs and Kled: It gives one gold
  • Kenned: For two golds
  • Lulu: Three golds
  • Teemo: Five golds

It shows that there is six Hellions championship so what about the seven. So, to get 7 Hellion Tft, players are required to get Hellion Emblem. The emblem is crafted with the help of Recurve Bow and Pfannenwender. Players who get this emblem can become champion and even get 7 Hellion Tft.

Players who can get this 7 Hellion would get the good attacking speed, just like Kayle and Ash. It is one of the reasons that players are trying hard to get the 7 Hellion Tft.

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  1. Why is 7 Hellion so important?

Among all the powers, 7 Hellion is the most powerful as it gives the option to attach with 125 percent speed. Thus, players can find it easy to defeat the opponents and increase the chance of winning.

  1. Why is Hellion important for the game?

Hellion trait is the power that gives the attacking speed of the players and thus makes them powerful enough to defeat enemies. One who can grab this power will not provide mana but also give the option to ride from death.


Players who know the importance of Hellion power must work hard to collect emblem and increase their chance to maximise them. One with 7 Hellion Tft is having an excellent attacking speed and making the game exciting and enjoyable.

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