Xbox Resolver – Xbox Gamertag IP Puller & Grabber For iPhone

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About Xbox Resolver

Xbox Resolver is software through which you submit a Gamertag and you will be returned an IP address.  In the Xbox world, a Gamertag is your alter ego. Made of Alias, an optional picture or an avatar (which is also known as gamerpic) it displays some information to represent you when you are playing and also while sharing with other people in the amazing Xbox community.

Xbox Gamertag IP Puller

Xbox Gamertag IP Puller is a numerical value that is given to a device that is connected to a system that uses a protocol for the use of communication.  The main function of an IP address is location addressing.

In Xbox, if you want to find your IP Address, then follow these steps.

Go to settings and click on the network. Then click on network setting and select advanced settings. In Advanced settings, click on IP Settings. This will enable you to view the IP address of your Xbox.

Xbox Resolver
Xbox Resolver

Looking for the best Xbox Resolver

So, if you are looking for an Xbox Resolver, then which one should you chose?


XResolver seems to be your best bet. You simply submit a Gamertag and you will be returned an IP address. It also the only up to date Xbox Game Tag Solver.

There is no option for backlisting. Some people try to sell but it is not at all possible as there is IP Address history. So those are scammers

This software enables you to capture the IP Address of any game that you want that has P2P Connection.  It also has web-based tools on their website, all so that you can get anyone’s IP Address from the party chats that are available on Xbox One.

OctoSniff is a windows software that will IP Address of any game that supports P2P.  However, it works on all consoles and even devices that are connected to the internet.

Xbox one chat decryption will enable you to capture the IP of any party without even being in it. This is done by web-based tools and works on any devices connected.

With the help of Xbox One Non-Host Kick, you can nuke entire parties or even kick out individuals without actually being the host. Again, this is a web-based tool and thus will work on all devices.

This Xbox One based web tools need you to purchase points with the help of JustGaming. Once you have redeemed them, you can purchase and have access to web-based tools on their official website.

If you have access to any of the websites, this means that you will have unlimited access to the private resolvers.

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Yet another option for you is, whose concept is being on works for the past 2 years. They are now giving you service with loads of extra information. It will continue to grow and improve as time passes by.  However, there are quite a few bugs and sometimes the servers go down to keep the service running smoothly. This software works on all devices like phone, tablet, laptop, pc and it can also work on any web browser so that you can resolve your target.

The good thing about this software is that backlisting is actually possible. You can contact the website owner thorough Discord. Also, you can ask for any payment option that you like as long as you are keeping it in simple terms. The price per Gamertag is $15. Once you purchase backlisting, you are no longer able to resolve it on the site.

The website if free to use and there are no ads. This means that you enjoy 100% ad fee experience on this website. You can search for any Xbox Gamertag and you will be given back the IP Address, that’s what we want, right? On the website, you will have to fill in a small captcha to verify that you are a human and not a bot.

The best Xbox Resolver

The Xresolver is working for so many people over the years without any fuss and complaints. We also find that they have made some major changes and fixes in the tool to show more accurate results. This is the only app that seems to be working fine without any problems and bugs.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How can I find my Xbox Username?

Just sign up, then at top left, you will find your username.

How to find console IP Address?

Use the tools mentioned above.

How to change your name?

Go to the profile settings of your console from which you can very easily change your name.

Can you change Xbox gamertag?

Yes, you can change Xbox Gamertag

What is public IP?

You can just look for IP checker.

What is iPv4?

It is a protocol tool.

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