Iceberggify (2022) Music Listeners Create Their Music!

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Iceberggify allows all music listeners to create their music list according to their tastes. Spotify Iceberggify is a brand new extension for all music lovers. A computer science student created this application. Iceberggify is working around the theory of making an iceberg.

This application ranks your most listened-to artist’s song at the top of the list, making it easy to find your favorite music. And it is a free application, but if users require additional features, they will have to pay for their premium subscription.

The Iceberggify manages and makes an ‘iceberg‘ by accumulating data from the top 50 heard musicians on both your short-term and long-term listening trends. And that list is become according to the preference of the user.

So the considerably desired musicians are displayed at the top of the checklist, and the negligibly favored musicians are displayed at the base.

How to make Spotify iceberg?

Just because the iceberg is present on the web page, so there is no requirement to install the application on your device. The user can make Spotify iceberg on all outlets as long as the user has a web browser. To create the own iceberg, the user has to obey some stages, which are noted below-

  1. Visit the go website.
  2. As the website will open, press on the create option after the user has signed in to the Spotify account. The sign is required only when the user does not sign and till now.
  3. After that, the user has to permit Iceberggify to see the Spotify data to be able to see it.
  4. Now, Spotify Iceberggify has been created successfully. And at once the application gets permission to use the data, it will analyze it and present it on display.

Share the Spotify iceberggify

If the user is required to flex their music taste, this application allows you to do so. But the user does not have the option to share functionality, so the only option left is to take a screenshot, take a picture of the image, etc. these methods help the user to share their Spotify iceberg with their friends.

Describe the procedure to find users, and popular artists, on Spotify-

Spotify only permits you to see your top 10 musicians at the end of the year. Although it is, Spotify permits you to learn more about your music taste at any time.


1. Who was the creator of the iceberggify application?

Ans. Akshay Raj established the Iceberggify application and was a computer science student.

2. How much does the user have to pay to use the feature of Spotify Iceberggify?

Ans. The user does not need to pay anything to utilize the feature of iceberggify.

3. Is the Iceberggify application safe to use?

Ans. Yes, it is completely safe and does not harm your device because to access this application, there is no need to install it.


Iceberggify is the best music website because to listen to the song, the user does not need to search more because it provides a list of 50 songs that the user can listen to easily. And also, the user can comfortably construct their Spotify iceberggify.

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