Spotify Iceberg Generator (2022) Know Everything!

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Spotify Iceberg Generator
Spotify Iceberg Generator

Many individuals use Spotify for listening to music. So if you are one of them, you might have seen strange Spotify icebergs floating around the artists on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Are you confused about what icebergify is and about the Spotify iceberg generator? Continue reading-

Different trends take place on social media, and more and more people adopt them. Spotify icebergify is one of those trends. It lets the individual create an iceberg that includes a list of artists they listen to most on Spotify.

Singers including Taylor SwiftJustin Bieber, and others are gaining more popularity, whereas less known names are sinking in the ocean.

Let’s know about Spotify icebergify

It is an online tool that lets you create an iceberg that will include your most-listened artists from top to bottom. 

It is also famous as a Spotify iceberg generator. 

Artists are placed in ascending order, meaning that the most played ones are on the top, whereas the less played ones are at the bottom. 

How can you create a Spotify iceberg?

You can use icebergify as it is a Spotify iceberg generator

Interested to know who has created the amazing website?

Here is the answer– it is created by Akshay Raj. He claims that he has no plans to monetize his website or collect the data for any other reason either. 

Why is the Spotify iceberg generator website created?

It was created to let users know which artists they listen to the most. It traces your Spotify listening history; based on that, it creates an iceberg with your favorite artists ranked on top.

How does the Spotify iceberg chart generator work?

It traces your Spotify history and then creates an iceberg of your most listened to artists. Artists are ranked by popularity. 

It collects data from the top fifty artists based on your short-termlong-term, and medium-term listening habits. 

Want to create your own Spotify iceberg?

Creating your own iceberg via icebergify is very simple. But for this, you need to log in to your Spotify account and grant the website permission to access your data. 

Willing to do this? If yes, follow the steps-

  • Visit the icebergify official website.
  • Tap on the “create yours” option.
  • Sign in to your Spotify account.
  • After successfully logging in, the website will take some time to analyze your data.
  • Once it has analyzed your data, it will generate your iceberg. 

That’s it. If you face any issue in generating the iceberg, try after some time and generate your iceberg. 

If you still face any problems, try using another browser.


Icebergify is a Spotify iceberg generator that lists down the artists by analyzing your Spotify history. This website is safe to use, so if you also want to create your iceberg, you can try using this amazing website.

Frequently asked questions

Is Spotify iceberg generator safe to use?

Yes, it is pretty safe to use because it doesn’t collect and save your data. 
It only analyzes the data and generates an iceberg based on your listening history.

Does Akshay Raj have any plan to monetize the website?

No, as of now he is claiming that he doesn’t have any plan to monetize his website. 

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