IFHRMS Login (2021) How to Login & Download Employee Payslip?

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IFHRMS – Integrated Financial and Human Resources Management System

ifhmrs – Financial and Human resources are the contrasting part of the sphere. Human resources management is a plan to manage people in a particular company. The page IFHRMS is a particular website to manage the human resources management system. You will find all the details about the page here itself. 

IFHRMS is here to look after all the treasuries under the revenue department’s control. It was founded in Chennai in 1954. The offices that are associated with IFHRMS are;

  • 9 pay and accounts offices
  • 6 offices of Regional Joint Director of Treasuries and Accounts
  • 32 District Treasuries
  • 243 Sub Treasuries
  • 1 Pension Pay office at Chennai
  • Office of Assistant Superintendent of Stamps
  • Officers on deputation

What IFHRMS works for?

The IFHRMS comes with various options and opportunities for employers with government approval. This software works in the field of budgeting and work accumulation. There are some of the basic functions it works on:

  • It keeps a record of all government transactions and updates things in real-time
  • The software reduces workload from many government departments to make the work process easier.
  • It is assigned with the compartments of treasuries and accounts work
  • There is more to the part that you must know: How the page is designed? , Terms and conditions, How IFHRMS is solving issues, and how it is helpful? , A Glance at a place, Scroll down-

How the page is designed?

The official site https://www.karuvoolam.tn.gov.in/web/tnta/home is designed to be used by anyone with basic knowledge of internet use. It has all the guidelines and details about the outputs. The best part is it comes with the choice of the local language to be user-friendly. Here are the details on how you can log in to the page;

  • First, visit the above mention official website
  • After signing up you will get your User ID and password, use that in the required area
  • There is also a forgot password option that is useful and can be recovered and et new password using the phone number or email id

Terms and Conditions

The website provides lucid terms and conditions to make it more secure and trustworthy. On the website, you will find several links which are being put up to make your task simpler and hassle-free. The departments are not reliable for any links misuse and contents and linked websites. The page is not responsible for the other links working processes, it is only for convenience and the page does not take the charge of any links. There is no objection to adding and subtracting any user information, you can do it at your convenient pace. But the page holder does not permit you to frame this website into your own. 

How IFHRMS is solving issues and how it is helpful?

IFHRMS is a specially designed page by Tamil Nadu. So, the benefits are for the residents of their workers. There is a lot of option for the users to be seen on the page itself. To be more elaborative, here are some details;

The finance section has a lot of options in it like organizational structure, departments, Bureau of public enterprises, finance commission, policy notes, and lot others.

Treasuries and accounts option is saving an add on many departments time. It includes the health funds, types of offices, local bodies, and a list of officers that will be of much help if you are running for urgent work.

The stakeholders that are associated with IFHRMS are- AGTN, RBI Systems, Agency banks, PFMS, Jeevan pramaan for capturing the digital life, Income tax department

For more, you can also check on the Gallery and other reference documents.

A glance of IFHRMS-

The page will let you make your work life effortless. The tour into the page is all about the important data that is associated with finance and management. Cyber security is provided to make a lot more secure and keep information safe. The pension details are much effective and you can clear your all queries from the page itself. There are many pension benefits. The departments associated with the finance are-

  • Treasuries and accounts departments
  • Local Fund Audit Department
  • Small savings department
  • Government Data Center
  • Co-Operative audit department
  • Internal Audit and statutory board’s Audit Department
  • Directorate of pension

Overall, the site is programmed to make the life of the workers much more paperless and precise to correctly find the details of every budget work.


Q. What essential keywords to know about IFHRMS?

A: a) Karuvoolam IFHRMS – This is the official name of IFHRMS of the Tamil Nadu website. It is particularly designed for workers and employers of the state. The main goal of this page is to properly management of the finance of the state. The system provides all the required information for all the employers. It also works on leaves, pensions, various details about corporate and finance. The system will provide a hassle-free transaction process,

b) IFHRMS Payslip: This is a kind of bill that is come in the form of a pay bill, ifhrms salary bill, or paycheck. The payslip will contact all the required details of transactions and another payment process with CPS and GPF numbers.

c) IFHRMS Pay Slip Download process: The first step is to visit the official website. Sign in and then enter your credentials, select the open button. Opening the finance option there is a list, and then open it and the final step is to click the payroll option and select the bill type and period name. 

Q. Who can use the IFHRMS?

A: It can be only used by users and the particular citizen of the state who is employed. The page is all related to the corporate world.

Q. What is the IFHMRS Helpline number and email address?

A:      044-40172172

        [email protected]

Q. What are the general instructions for IFHRMS users?

A: There are some guidelines for users so that they do not fall into any trap. Users must not share their log-in details. The system will record all necessary information concerning the transaction. Users are also suggested to change their password once they got the details from the page for the first time. Along with that for safety purposes, users are also advised to change their passwords from time to time.

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