What Is Jeremy Renner App & How It Works?

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Jeremy Renner, a famous character in Avengers, is in the news for many reasons. Yes, Jeremy is in the news not for his movie character, but his app. Jeremy launched the app named “Jeremy Renner App” for an android while “Jeremy Renner Official” for iOS in 2017. The app was developed by Escape, which is known to develop an app where celebrities interact with their fans.

Jeremy has a strong fan base, and so the app got a good number of installs. The app is again in the news because of trollers, and it has even made Jeremy shut it down. The true fans find it the best platform, but some people do not like good things, and as a result, the app is ending soon.

What is the Jeremy Renner app?

Jeremy Renner Controversy Is The actor launched the app Jeremy Renner, where he shares his pictures, and fans were free to comment on it. Jeremy found it the medium to easily share the news with his fans and thus keep them updated. Users of the app everything about Jeremy, live streams, music, content, and much more.

Jeremy posts his pictures with a little caption, and then users are required to comment on them. Users must try to comment on every picture so that they can get stars in return. It is said that users who can earn a good number of stars will there are chances that Jeremy also replies on it. There was also an option to buy stars by in-app purchase, but it was solely up to them.

Jeremy Renner App
Jeremy Renner App

So, to keep users engaged, Jeremy posted different stuff, and users were also excited to interact with every post to get stars. These all were just for fun and entertainment and were quite a safe medium to stay connected with the fans.

Why is the Jeremy Renner app shutting down?

It is quite a big shock for all real fans of Jeremy. There was the last push notification that said, “App coming down very soon….” Which was quite sad news for his fans? The app was designed to create a social environment where users can interact with Jeremy and get all the latest information. Users were allowed to share their struggles and thoughts with other fans. It was not like other social media platforms, but soon, everything got changed.

Trollers are present everywhere, so the app got many fake accounts, even by the name of Jeremy. These trollers started abusing and harassing other fans who used the app, making it difficult to go forward with it. Users working hard to earn stars and get a reply from Jeremy stopped using the app because of trollers.

Soon, Jeremy came to know about the whole thing, and so to avoid any further chaos, he decided to bring down the app. Even the developers have made it clear that the app will no longer be available for the fans. It wasn’t good to hear as fans were happy to get new pictures, music, and Livestream posted by Jeremy and other fans. But because of some people, Jeremy was forced to shut down the app.


  1. What made the app popular among fans?

Jeremy Renner’s app was for his true fans, where users are free to comment on the post shared by Jeremy. They were working hard to boost their post and get replies from Jeremy. Even Jeremy wishes his fans on some occasions, which overwhelms his fans.

  1. Why is the app no more preferred?

Some people signed up with fake accounts and started abusing other fans and even Jeremy. The developers didn’t expect any such thing to happen, so it did not have highly secure validation, and as a result, the troller made it hard for fans to use the app.


It is quite common that celebrities to get trolled, and the same was with Jeremy. The app was only for entertainment and a platform for fans to stay updated regarding Jeremy. No one had thought that the platform for fans to connect with the star would also get trolled. The true fans of Jeremy are disheartened by the news of the app getting shut down.

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