Intruder Reviews Channel 5 (Cast, Location) 2021

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Intruder Reviews Channel 5

Today there are many web series and drama that is bene entertaining people with good storyline and characters. One such four-part that is grabbing attention is “Intruder.” It is being directed and written by Gareth, based on the 2016 thriller “The Ghoul.” The four-part drama has mixed reviews, concluding that the “story is not so convincing but still is watchable.” 

What is the drama about?

The story is about Rebecca and Sam, whose life changes after the two intruders entered their house. The two intruders came with the burgling intention, but these two have changed the couple’s life. While one of the intruders tried to escape the place, Sam tried to stop him and unintentionally killed him with the knife.

There was no need for Sam to stop or kill the intruder. So, he knew that the lethal force was used against the intruder was unjustifiable, and so he quit his wife from calling the police. Instead, they started the plot that shows the couple was the victim of intruders. But the story does not go accord to the plan as the intruder’s father (one who is dead) and the family liaison officer find something fishy.

They don’t find the story pleasing, so they have to think again to live the luxurious life they used to live if they do not want to get imprisoned.

Intruder Reviews Channel 5
Intruder Reviews Channel 5

What makes it hard for the couple to convince the police?

Three hurdles have made it challenging to execute the plan. These three are as follows:

  • There was a witness named Angela who knows everything about the crime. She was threatening the couple, who Rebecca later killed.
  • Sam was going through a bad mental state so that he might expose the truth to the police.
  • The police liaison officer was able to believe eh story from the first day, so he was looking after every move. It was him who was working very hard to reveal the real story.

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In all, people don’t find the thriller story so satisfying. The initial part was exciting, but viewers do not find t pleasing as the story goes on. The characters were very impactful, but the storyline was not so satisfying, and as a result, there are mixed reviews of viewers. So, it’s dependent on the viewers and their choice regarding the liking and story plot.


  1. When was the drama telecasted?

The intruder started on Monday 5th April on Channel 5. The show was aired at 9 PM. It is a four-part drama that concluded on Thursday 8, April. It was broadcasted for four consecutive days, and the drama ended and mixed reviews from viewers.

  1. What are the reviews of viewers?

The first episode of the drama was able to get more than 2.4 million viewers, but many viewers lost their interest because of the storyline. So, based on Intruder reviews, it is hard to say whether one must watch the drama or not.

The first episode had a strong impact, but as it moved further, viewers lost interest and do not find it pleasing. Even the end was not so satisfying, so it’s you to decide whether the drama must be watched or not. One must watch the drama before going to any feedback and have their own experience.

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