Kaiju Paradise Codes, WiKi, Commands, Bestiary & Halloween 2022!

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Kaiju Paradise Codes
Kaiju Paradise Codes

Kaiju paradise is a Roblox game developed by  T Z B studio. In this game, the player needs to survive from the kaiju gameworld. All players need to perform better in the game without doing any extra tasks. I’m sure you might be one of them and that’s why I’m here. I’ll inform you about the Kaiju Paradise Codes, Halloween, commands, Wiki, and bestiary. So let’s begin – 

Kaiju paradise codes

When it comes to kaiju paradise codes, they will reward you with things that will provide you the power to make progress in the game. 

Currently, only two working codes are available –

IEATTABLE – you can use it to get to 1X super cataclysm. 

ANDSOITBEGINS – it’s for 333 candies. 

The redemption procedure –

The redemption procedure is not as difficult as it seems to be; just a few steps and you’ll get the rewards. 

  • Launch the kaiju paradise on your device. 
  • Now, look at the top of your display; you’ll see a gift icon. Tap on that.
  • Type or paste the code in the given space.
  • Flick on the “redeem” option to gain your reward. 

If the code is just released and you are unable to redeem it; don’t worry. Just reopen the game and then try redeeming it again. 

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Kaiju paradise wiki 

Wiki is a community that contains all the basic information regarding the game. And kaiju paradise wiki also contains the basic data, so if you are a newbie or confused about anything in the game, you’ll get your answer here. 

Remember to visit the official kaiju paradise wiki website only. 

Kaiju paradise commands

In this section, I’m going to discuss some kaiju paradise commands. 

:cmd – it will display all the active commands in the game. 

:Mute – aids to prevent people from talking.

:unmute – you can use it to allow the people to talk again. 

:fling – by giving this command, you can permit yourself or other players to fling.

:give – it is used to give any weapon.

:kill – as the command indicates, it lets the player kill others instantly. 

:re – it is for respawning instantly.

:heal – for regaining your health in the game, you can use this command. 

:disableregen – it’s for unabling players to regain their health. 

:unff – it allows the players to remove the forcefield. 

These are a few common commands in the game. 

Kaiju paradise bestiary 

Bestiary is kinda a method by which players can get to learn some vital information regarding Gooxtraxian. 

Kaiju paradise Halloween

Kaiju paradise is a game and it will celebrate Halloween online on the 31st of October 2022. So to enjoy kaiju paradise Halloween, look out at their online event on this occasion. 

Good news – this event will be done online, so you may also become a part of it. 

This is all the important data you were looking for; I hope it has helped you in the game. 

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