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Miss Buckingham Stussy
Miss Buckingham Stussy

Miss Buckingham Stussy: Stussy is an anime that is regarded as a member of the CP0 and she is also an Emperor of the Underworld when is seen in the manga and anime series One Piece. Stussy is a supporting character in the Whole Cake Island arc, and she also appears in the Levely and Wano Country arcs, in a minor role, and she has been seen as a major antagonist in the Egghead Arc.

Stussy is popularly known as Unit 01. She’s known to be a clone of Buckingham Stussy of the Rocks Pirates and this was the first successful clone that has been produced by the MADS.

The character of Miss Buckingham Stussy has been voiced by the popular Mami Kingetsu who is known to have also voiced Charlotte Compote who was also in the same series. Some of them are Da Ji in Warriors Orochi, and Lady Alice in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.

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How can the appearance of Miss Buckingham Stussy be described?

Miss Buckingham Stussy is described as a young lady who has got short blonde and curly hair, beautiful blue eyes, red lipstick, and stunning red-painted fingernails. She has been dressed in a red salmon backless dress which has got some purple and pink diamond patterns, she has also got a small white cape.

Miss Stussy is seen wearing a sun hat that has a flower, a pair of high heel shoes with crafted ribbons on top, and carrying a pink handbag.

When she had to attend the Levely, Miss Stussy was seen wearing a white dress which had a pretty pink necktie, some white matching cape, gloves, and fishnet stockings which has got some fluffy rims and also a garter belt.

It is seen that when Miss Stussy has to use Devil Fruit, she usually dons her demonic wings.

Describe Miss Buckingham Stussy’s personality.

Miss Stussy has the most positive character and she dies not like being insulted or insulting any individual around her. She is sometimes known to be a very sensitive and possessive person which is rarely seen and this side of her personality was seen when she shot down Du Feld so that he gets blamed for her actions.

It is possible that she also gets violent when she feels anyone is fuelling her negative qualities.

What is Miss Stussy’s Biography?

It is noticed that after reaching Egghead, the group started to explore the island there. However, Stussy who was aware of all the information about Egghead kept it to herself and all of the unique features which she knew about visiting Egghead, and then she purposefully wanted to see what will her teammate’s amusing reactions.

It was after this incident that Luffy’s group when they were on their way to the Laboratory met with the CP0 group. It is then that Stussy advised Lucci to wait, as Luffy is the Emperor of the sea, and hitting up on him would break down a war. But Lucci thinks whatever Stussy says is out of her head and nothing important, and he moves ahead to attack the Luffy Emperor.

Now Lucci decides to throw a war on the Luffy group but he didn’t know it could cause a threat to him and his people if he fought, and it is just impossible to pose any kind of threat to Luffy with such a group.

Even though the fight could have been the fierce one and could have lost but since Stussy has got her Devil Fruit ability to put Kaku to go to sleep, they escape and win.

Thus from this incident, we get to know that Stussy’s clone has got vampire-like Devil Fruit powers, but until read and seen it is unclear if she has got all of the same memories as the original one had got.

This is called one of the most important detail because this is clear that the past of the Rocks Pirates hides all of their answers to many of the mysteries of the One Piece world, and Buckingham Stussy might be one of them who would bring out that part of history.

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