Project XL Devil Fruits, Trello & Wiki (v3.0, v3.1, v3.3, v3.4, v3.7 Codes)

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Project XL Devil Fruits

Today gaming is not just limited to fun and entertainment. Gamers like Roblox have changed the perception as it is one of the platforms where gamers can program their own game and play games built by such other gamers. Thus, you are having fun and also learning new things that can keep you engaged. Kids of all age in the United States can play the game and seeing the popularity Roblox is updating with new features.

What is Project XL devil fruits?

Users always look out for various options that can accelerate their power. Devil fruits are the source that can help users to get control of their choice and thus make their game quite interesting. There is a list of devil fruits and the users who can gain new ability in the game. These devil fruit will also disable the power to swim and complete game control in players’ hands.

Project XL Devil Fruits

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Which are different types of devil fruits?

  • Paramecia: it is one of the best powers for players as it helps to manipulate the opponents. One who possesses this power can get the opponent’s body and even surrounding, making it difficult to defeat.
  • Zoan: The players who get top eat this fruit will have the option to change their bodies into anything and thus easily escape. 
  • Logia: It allows users to manipulate the whole scenario to manage all the natural things like ice, water and fire. Thus, it gives complete control of the game to players and helps to win the game.

Which are different types of Zoan fruits?

There are four types of Zoan fruits which are as follows:

  1. Carnivorous helps to transform into an animal.
  2. Ancient that helps player stop become extinct or even an old animal. 
  3. Mythical that can get players converted to a mythical character like Phoenix 
  4. Artificial that can trick opponents by getting converted to a fake Zoan fruit.  


  1. Why eat devil fruits?

Roblox has introduced XL devil fruits in the game that posses’ different powers. So, the players who eat these fruits can find the change in their game and enjoy new capabilities to make the game more enjoyable.

  1. What is hito hito no mi?

Hito Hito no mi is also a fruit and is commonly known as Buddha fruit. These fruits’ price is 2000000, which is quite costly, making it difficult to get them. This fruit will give Buddha powers to the players and bring different abilities to win over opponents.

Roblox players who are willing to level up their game and get more power must try to get these devil fruits. The best part is these fruits will impart instant energy and give complete control of the game. Users can eat fruits and check out the new [powers that can make the game easy for them and make it eyas to trick their opponents. So, try to grab these project XL devil fruits and make gaming more exciting and engaging.

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