Mlifeinsider Okta (Mlifeinsider Employee Login Workday) Know Everything!

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Today, everything is available online for customers and even for employees. There are different portals designed for employees and customers to get every data related to them.

The same is for employees working with MGM resorts, as they have a portal to carry out their work and stay updated.

Mlifeinsider Okta” is an employee portal for all the MGM employees, and it has everything like lodging rates, payslips, benefits, work plans, and much more.

What is Mlifeinsider Okta?

Mlifeinsider Okta is a portal designed especially for the employees of MGM resorts. The portal has everything related to discount rates, employee benefits, payslips, work plans, and much more.

The best thing is that employees can access their accounts from the office or even at home with their credentials. Changes in the working plan, schedule, and policy are updated on the portal to help employees stay updated.

Mlifeinsider Okta

The company gives MGM employees several benefits, and to know about it, Mlifeinsider Okta is the best platform. All new employees who are not aware of it can check out the portal about their benefits and workings schedule.

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How to Login?

All the employees working at MFM are given their Login credentials. One must make sure to keep credentials safe as ID and password are given by the HR department of the reports. Once employees have the credentials follow the below-given steps:

  • Visit the official portal of MlifeInsider at It is possible to access the portal through a computer or smartphone.
  • Employees are required to enter their username or employee number and the password. The HR team already allocates these credentials.
  • Click “Sign in” to enter the account and check all the information.
  • If an employee forgets their password or needs to change it, click on “Need help signing in.” There are different options, so click on the one you need to perform.
  • Go for and enter the employee ID to reset the password. 
  • It gives two options like rest through SMS or email. Selecting any one of them will send the mail to reset the password.
  • If the account is locked, go for and enter Employee ID. One needs to select an option from SMS or Email to complete the unlock process.

Note: OKTA also has a support team that is always ready to help employees if they cannot Login with credentials. One can contact on mlifeinsider phone number 1-855-286-0151 to talk with the customer service agent and solve the problem.

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Why is MlifeInsider helpful?

Employees working at MFM resorts are given credentials to use the Mlifeinsider Okta portal. The portal comes with many benefits, which are as follows:

  1. Employees who are required to take off can apply through the Mlifeinsider Okta.
  2. Past and current payslips can be checked through Mlifeinsider.
  3. MFM gives out benefits for their employees, and Mlifeinsider is the best platform for employees to know about different benefits.
  4. Employees are required to log in through Mlifeinsider Okta and even can manage schedule based on it.
  5. The resort gives discounts for their employees, which is 20% on any MFM resort, and many times, it varies. So, at Mlifeinsider Okta, employees can have information about their discounts.
  6. Mlifeinsider portal also gives the option where employees are free to share their discounts with friends and other family members.


Who can use the Mlifeinsider Okta portal?

Mlifeinsider Okta is designed only for MFM employees currently working with the company. The portal helps employees to get information regarding benefits, work schedules, payslips, and much more.

How to resolve issues if unable to log in with Mlifeinsider Okta?

Employees who cannot log in with Mlifeinsider Okta are required to check their internet connection or try out a new internet browser. They must check that credentials are correctly entered and even check CAPS LOCK if unable to login.


In all, Mlifeinsider Okta is a dedicated online portal for MFM employees to know about the benefits and working schedules. MlifeInsideris the best service that helps MFM employees to manage their accounts.

IT is possible to access the portal from the workstation and even from home. One currently working with MFM resorts and equipped with login credentials can use the MlifeInsider portal.

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