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My Happy Marriage Read Online: Born talentless into a noble family known for her supernatural abilities, Miyo Saimori is forced into a life of servitude by her abusive stepmother.

However, when Miyo finally reaches marriageable age, her hopes of being led to a better life are shattered after she discovers the identity of her fiancé: Kiyoka Kudou, a commander so cold and cruel that her previous potential girlfriends fled within the three. days of their obligations.

My Happy Marriage Read Online
My Happy Marriage Read Online

With no home to return to, Miyo resigns herself to her fate and soon discovers that her pale and handsome future husband is anything but the monster she expected. As they slowly open their hearts to each other, they both realize that the other could be their chance to find true love and happiness.

Summary Of My Happy Marriage

** A slow-motion historical romance inspired by “Cinderella” with a paranormal twist set in Taisho-era Japan!

A broken and abused girl is kicked out of her home and sent to audition as a bride candidate for the heir to one of the most powerful families in the land…**

Deemed nearly useless because she couldn’t inherit the superhuman powers of the bloodlines she was born into, Miyo Saimori lives out her unloved and unloved days.

Her stepmother and her father have a time of affection for her, and Miyo has to suffer along with being treated like a servant by her half-sister Miyo, who is gifted with the unusual powers of their blood.

Eventually seen as nothing more than a nuisance and a drain on the family’s wealth, Miyo is sent to the Kudo household as a bride candidate for her heir, Kiyoka Kudo.

There have been plenty of whispers about the Kudo clan, the most powerful in the entire country, but the so-called cold and cruel house Miyo wants to marry into will turn out to be much warmer than the family she left behind.

Miyo Saimori, the eldest of her clan but not blessed with a supernatural talent that honoured her father and half-sister, is sent to marry into the Gifted Kudo clan. The young and aloof clan leader, Kiyoka Kudo, is intrigued by the girl who is the opposite of the bratty, up-and-coming women who often compete for his hand. Too soon, Kiyoka arrives to look at Miyo fondly.

Kiyoka and Miyo make their engagement real and official, but Miyo is still worried that she lacks the necessary training to be a worthy wife of the Kudo clan. Enter Kiyoka’s older sister, Hazuki, who takes it upon herself to teach Miyo and tease Kiyoka along the way!

Suddenly, Miyo and Kiyoka meet a mysterious man named Arata Tsuruki. What does she want and what connection does she have with the enigmatic and powerful Usuba clan from which Miyo’s mother hails?

Characters Of My Happy Marriage Novel

Miyo is the eldest daughter of a supernaturally talented family, the Saimiri. She is 19 years old. Born without supernatural talent, she was treated like a servant by her stepmother and younger sister and even considered useless by her biological father. They married her off to Kiyoka Kudo, a “ruthless soldier” and head of the notorious Kudo family just so she could be “at least useful” to the Saimiri.

The head of the Kudo family. He is described as a “merciless soldier”; who becomes his girlfriend and runs away after just 3 days. He is pyrokinetic.

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In 2020, the manga adaptation placed 8th at the 6th Next Manga Awards in the web manga category. He was 6th in the 2021 edition of Takarajimasha’s Kono Manga ga Sugoi! list of the best manga for female readers. The manga ranked first on the Japanese bookstore Honya Club’s “National Bookstore Employees Recommended Comics 2021” list.

In 2022, the manga was nominated for Best Shōjo Manga at the 46th Kodansha Manga Awards. It was ranked 29th on Da Vinci Magazine’s 2022 “Book of the Year” list.

  1. My Happy Marriage Series (Light Novels)
  2. By (Author) Akumi Agito
  3. By (artist) Tsukiho Tsukioka
  4. Yen editor enabled
  5. Genre Light Novels, Shojo, Supernatural, Romance, Drama, Family
  6. Available from January 18, 2022 (midnight) PT / January 18, 2022 (5:00 PM) JST
  7. Number of pages 148 pages

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