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About My Rude Wife Novel Pdf

My Rude Wife Novel Pdf, melur untuk firdaus novel: Novels are a great way to make your free time worthy. Many avid readers find it a stress booster and like to read novels daily. There was a time when you needed to have novels to read any novel but not today, as there are apps and websites where you can read them for free.

Oen such novel which is trending on social media is “My Rude Wife Novel Pdf wattpad,” which takes us on the journey of a couple and their relations.

The storyline is quite interesting and keeps readers intact with the novel. Various sites help to get My Rule Wife novel PDF so that one can read at their preference. So, if you too love to read romantic novels, this one is for you.

My Rude Wife Novel Pdf
My Rude Wife Novel Pdf

What is the synopsis?

My Rude Wife Novel Pdf is a romantic story written by CikNorLove, who depicts the story of two people and their marriage. It is believed that there must be love before getting in relation, but the story shows the other side.

The main lead, Melur, and Firdaus got into marriage but were not in love. Firdaus, who was very arrogant, changed after he got married. The wife was not rude, but she was very slow and lazy. Readers might think the story will get cliché, but his slow wife changed his attitude toward Firdaus.

Slowly he began to love her, and the same was from her side. But to make it worse, Firdaus introduces his wife to his girlfriend. Even Melur was also having someone in her life, and it became difficult for both to express their true feelings. Both are unable to show how they love each other, and thus the story becomes interesting as Firdaus tries to get Melur back in his life.

It is originally in the Malaysian language, but many sites offer English and Indo subtitles. The way the story is explained keeps its readers engaged and willing to know what will be next. So, if you too avoid romantic novels and are willing to try again, this novel will change your mindset.

How can we get My Rude Wife Novel Pdf?

It’s a time when readers don’t carry novels or buy them. There are many websites and apps in the market that help read novels online. It gives them the freedom to read the novel at anytime and anyplace from their device.

My Rude Wife Novel Pdf is an interesting story, so the novel is available in the form of a pdf. If you are willing to get the novel in pdf, follow the below-given steps: 

  • Websites such as and many more on the market allow you to read the novel on your device.
  • Goodreads is also available in the form of an app. So, you can even install the app on your device or look for some other apps.
  • Search for “My Rude Wife Novel Pdf” or related keywords to get the novel.
  • That’s it, and now you can read the novel on your smartphone itself and enjoy the beautiful romantic story of Melur and Firdaus.


What makes the novel interesting?

The novel is all about marriage, romance, friendship, past relations, and more. Two people who got into relations and how their lives change is all explained in the novel. Readers can feel the reality, which is why the novel got so much attention.

Can we read the novel on smartphones?

Yes, readers can go for My Rude Wife Novel Pdf, which would help time to read the novel on their smartphones. It gives freedom to read whenever you are free and doesn’t require you to carry the novel.


The story of My Rude Wife Novel Pdf is very different and keeps readers entertained. They always wonder what will be next, which shows the storyline is quite good. One who loves to read novels in their free time must go for it and enjoy this romantic banter of wife and husband.

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