On/Go Covid Test Reviews (2022) Know Everything You Need!

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On/Go Covid Test Accuracy Reviews

The Covid-19 pandemic have changed our lives and made us live in fear of getting in contact with the deadly virus.

The symptoms of Covid-19 are nearly the same as other seasonal changes, and so many times, we must go to hospitals or healthcare centres to get Covid-19 tested.

The shortage of equipment’s and hospital led Intrivo to launch a self-test kit called “On/Go Covid test”.

Intrivo is a health-tech company in the US that have come up with this idea and even executed it successfully. Yes, now everyone can test covid at their home with this product.

The easy working and accurate result have made people trust the product and currently it is demanding. So, let’s check out the product and know more about On/Go covid test reviews.

On/Go Covid Test Reviews

1. What is On/Go covid?

On/Go is a self-tested kit to detect the deadly Covid -19 virus. Intrivo introduced the product, and FDA was authorized to be used by people for self-testing.

It is hard for everyone to understand how to use the kit, so On/Go comes with a companion app that helps users complete the process accurately.

It takes hardly 10 minutes to get results through the kit, and the results can be stored in the app. 

The result works as an entry pass of restaurants, sports clubs, offices, and other such places. So, no more required to visit the lab, give out samples, and wait for your results.

The product is also available in big boxes that contain a testing kit. Everyone can try out the kit and go for “tap, swab and snap” to get Covid results.

It is known as a party pack, which helps test the members attending the party to maintain safety.

2. How to use On/Go covid Test?

People who are willing to make safety and got the availability of the On/Go are required to follow the below gives steps to get accurate results:

  1. The first step is to buy the product and have it in advance as the demand for the On/Go is relatively high. Secondly, make sure to get the On/Go App on your respective device well in advance to avoid any chaos.
  2. The app will ask for details like email address, name, password, personal information, detail so the dependent and much more. So, make sure to complete it before taking the test.
  3. Continue to get the screen with the product and click on “Start test” when you are testing with the kit.
  4. Wash your hard and take all the things out of the box. It contains a Vial cap, test cassette, extraction vial and Nasal Swab.
  5. Remove the top from the extraction vial to collect the sample. Take a Nasal swab and make sure to hold it from the end to get accurate results.
  6. Insert the swab in your nose till 3-4 inches, and it must be till 15 seconds. There is a timer of 15 seconds on the app itself to notify. Again 15 seconds for taking a swab from another nostril.
  7. Take the Nasal and put it in the extraction vial. Move the nasal inside the vial for 5 seconds to ensure that the sample is collected in the vial.
  8. Close the collector with the vial cap and turn it upside down to get the collected sample in the test cassette.
  9. You can mention all these events in your app, and it will show the process has started along with the time of 10 minutes. Keep aside the kit after pouring the sample and check out the app. (Do not exit the app nor lift the text cassette during the process).
  10. The test cassette will have a line and take a picture of it on the device. The app will help to know the results.
  11. If there is a blue line next to the letter “T”, the test is motive, and it does not have the line the text is “Negative”. The cassette will already have 1 line next to the letter C, which shows the test is done accurately.

3. What is the use of the app?

The app works as a companion along with the kit. It will give guidance; help knows and even store the results. The app must be used along with the product to get an accurate result.

It has the timer and other information, which are very important to conduct the test.

There are many places where it requires Covid test results, and so the app helps stir the result and give you entry. The app will also show the symptoms, guidelines, and other important information, which is a must if positive.

Thus, the app works with the antigen test to get an accurate result.

4. Features

  • The product is manufactured in the US, maintaining all the protocols and FDA approved.
  • It takes hardly 10 minutes to get the result with the On/Go covid test kit.
  • 95% accuracy and the ability to test all variants of Covid makes it very easy for people to maintain safety and take the medication in the early stage.
  • It can be used to take the antigen test of children who is 2 or more, but an adult must conduct it. The kids above 14 can perform a test independently and get an accurate result.
  • The product has a shallow Nasal swab that is quite comfortable for any individual. Thus, it allows taking tests from any place to test the Covid-19 virus.
  • On/Go comes with the app, which works as a companion in guiding how to take the step, results interpretation and even store the result for future use. 
  • The app also can share the result with your friends and loved ones. So, the app works as the entry pass of public places.

5. On/Go Covid Test Reviews

The On/Go Covid Reviews clarifies that the results are accurate, and people find it very easy to deal with the virus. Early detection and precaution help stop the spread of the virus and make it easy to manage things.

It is easy to conduct the test and get the result based on reviews. The reports show that the 95% accuracy rate is quite good, and people can try out the antigen test if they have doubts.


Where to buy On/Go covid?

Intrivo has introduced the product on different ecommerce platforms consisting of Walmart, Amazon and even launched the https://www.letsongo.com/ to buy the product for the Covid test.

What is the minimum age to try On/Go covid?

Kids who are 14 or above can use the product without any prescription. But based on the authorization reports, adults are free to take samples of children 2 or above.

How to download the companion app for On/Go?

The companion app with On/Go is beneficial as it instructs how to use the kit and store the result. The app is available for Android and iOS users and can be downloaded from the Google play store and App Store.


The On/Go kit is available in some countries that also include the United States. This self-testing kit has made it very eyas to detect the virus, and thus people can take precautions at a very early stage.

The companion app makes it eyas to use the kit and manage the result that works as a gate pass to enter a different public place. 

In the future, the kit will be distributed at nursing homes, community testing sites, military camps, and other places where more people live together.

So, to get early detection and make your loved ones safe, try out the On/Go covid test if you have any symptoms.

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