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What Is Profile. safe-davao. com?

Covid has changed our lives, so everyone is taking precautions in their way. Vaccines are started, but still, there are not vaccinated, and it can prove dangerous in the coming time. So, to track Covid and check out the vaccination process, the Philippines has come up with a website that makes it possible. The website Profile. safe-davao. com is helping the government to trace Covid-19 in the country.

What is the use of a website?

The website profile. safe-davao. com/person/rewards works as the platform to reduce the widespread of the virus. It will help the government and medical institutes to have information regarding positive people, and thus, further actions can be taken against it. The site will also give information on the vaccination process and provide an option to schedule an appointment for the same.

The sites offer QR codes that will work as an entry pass to enter different places. So, to keep people safe and healthy, the government has developed a website.

Profile. safe-davao. com
Profile. safe-davao. com

How to enroll with the site?

The site gives two options of enrolment, where one is for an individual while the other is for establishments or small companies. So, check out below gives steps to register with the website:

  1. Individual
  • Visit the official site and be ready with the latest photo, identity proof, and other having the ID beside the face.
  • Next, you will be redirected to the screen where all the required information like name, date of birth, address, mobile number to be entered.
  • Upload all the required documents to the website.
  • On successful verification, the individual will be offered the unique DQR code, which will be used to log in and carry on another process.
  1. Establishment
  • This registration is for a company with more than 15-20 minutes transactions. So, first, visit to register yourself.
  • Enter establishment name, type, and other information required in the form.
  • Please enter the contact information and process it towards verification.
  • Upon successful verification, the individual will be offered the username, password, and 2 DQR codes for entry and exit.


  • The website helps to get efficient tracing results. It would allow the government to take correct steps to reduce the widespread of the virus.
  • People looking for an appointment for vaccination can register through this app. Yes, scheduling along with appointments is easy to manage with the site.


Why has the Philippines government declared gifts on Christmas? 

The mayor of the Philippines, Sara Duterte Carpio, announced that people or establishments who will be enrolling with the would get Christmas gifts. It makes people greedy, so more and more people register themselves, and it becomes possible to manage Covid.

What are people’s reviews regarding the site?

Many people admire the government for such an initiative, but there are still some issues with the site that create doubt. But we hope the site will be updated in the coming time and help the government trace and control Covid-19.


The main aim of the website is to manage the widespread of Covid-19, and at the same time help people, to get vaccinated. It is challenging for the government to track covid positive, but it becomes an easy process with the website. Moreover, the government is giving out gifts to all enrolments, making people excited about the website. So, let’s check how the website works in the future.

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