What Is Plex519 & How It Works?

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If your roof is leaking and you are looking for a permanent solution, go for “Plex519”. Yes, it is one of the recommended and best RV roof coating solutions. It has been on the market for a long time, and still today, there are no negative reviews that show that it is the best solution to get rid of roof leakage.

The Plex519 roof coating is durable and can survive all the weather changes.

What is Plex519?

Plex519 is an elastomeric roof coating that is 100% acrylic and is best for roof coating to get rid of leakage. It contracts, expands, and flexes to ensure there is no leakage and thus works as a permanent water barrier. The high-quality products used in Plex519 make it weather-resistant and give a long-lasting result.

It is bright white, which reduces the cooling cost and heat stress and thus makes it quite eyas to maintain roofs. It does not pick up dirt so easily and does not have streaks while applying to give a perfect look. It is important to apply Tape kote before opting for the coating to adhesion to the leakage. Moreover, this woven tape bonds with Plex519 and forms the waterproof membrane, which sustains a cold climate.

The price of the tape, Plex519, primer, depends on the area or the roof and the coverage. The best part is it will not crack or melt because of the change in the weather. It is one of the best and easiest solutions to roof leakage and is not so costly. Today, many companies offer the option to get this DIY by experts and thus give a long-lasting solution.


How to apply Plex519?

It is a form of DIY roof coating, but the whole process is not so tough. So, if you too are looking to get rid of roof leakage and willing it to have long-lasting results follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • First, you need to measure all seams, including cross seams, vents, pipes, etc. So, according to measurement, buy Tape-kote seal tape to cover it.
  • Tape kote is just required to be peeled and stuck on all joints to get rid of leakage. It is the first step of roof coating against leakage.
  • Next comes the Plex519 coating, which is applied with a pile roller to get the required thickness. It is made with an elastomeric coating, making the coating durable and providing good protection.
  • Lastly, apply primer on the Plex519 coating that works as adhesive and creates a long-lasting coating on the roof. It also reduces the maintenance coat and makes you free from all roof problems.


In all, Plex519 coats make your roof leakproof and get rid of all seasonal issues. Applying two coats of Plex519 works like a rubber tire that stops the leakage. It is said that people who properly follow the complete process can get rid of leakage for at least 20 years, and it reduces the overall maintenance. So, if you, too, are facing roof leakages, go for Plex519 DIY and get a permanent solution.

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