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The Sun And The Star Read Online
The Sun And The Star Read Online

The Sun and The Star Release Date

The Sun and the Star was released on the 2nd of May, 2023. Hachette Books published it. 

The Sun and The Star Spoilers

The story revolves around Nico and Will, who try to attain peace in their life by staying away from violence. 

After two months of Nero and Python’s defeat, Nico and Will get the prophecy of saving Titan, also called Bob. Nico convinces Chiron to release an official quest after realizing that Bob’s situation might be worsened. 

And then, Nico and Will start their journey of saving Bob. Firstly, they take advice from Percy and Annabeth Chase. And after doing this, they go to the Underground World via the Door of Orpheus. 

They meet Epiales there, who tells them that their mother is after Nico. Will uses his power of emitting rays to kill the monster. 

Then they take the help of troglodytes, who tell them they should pass by Menoetes’ farm first. Menoetes agrees not to reveal their secret to Hades in exchange for fruits. 

 Then Will unexpectedly meets Persephone, who suggests he understand Nico and embrace his inner darkness. 

Menoetes then divulges that Nyx has captured Bob and tries to force him to revert to his previous identity. However, he refuses to do so. After hearing this, Nico recalls his encounter with Nyx. Menoetes meanwhile realizes that Bob is just bait to reach Nico. 

Then Nico and Will meet Gorgyra on their way to Archeron River. He agrees to help them out in exchange for hearing their story. They use him to travel to Tartarus. However, the river’s power forces them to confront their fears, especially those related to the Underworld. Then, they find Bob’s pet, who informs them that Damasen cannot help them. 

As the story progresses, Will and Nico use their powers of light to free Bob. But everything doesn’t go so smoothly. Nyx and her friends come there to stop them. But despite all their efforts to stop them, they couldn’t do it, and Nico, Will and Bob escaped from there. 

Nico then takes control of the cacodemons and releases them as a part of his prophecy. He renames them Cocoa Puffs, and they join his group later. 

After that, they go back to the Underworld. Nico’s family comes in his dreams, and his mother and sister are proud of him. They also encourage him to live a happy life with Will. 

After that, Bob journeys to find his future, and Nico adopts the cocoa puffs. He now has a more positive outlook towards life. 

How to get the Sun and the Star Rick Riordan Pdf? 

Getting the link to the Sun and the Star pdf google drive is a breeze – 

  • Search for “the sun and the star read online” or “the sun and the star pdf download free.” 

If you want to get the book from, search for “the sun and the star epub.”

If you want to get the audiobook of this novel, you can search for “the sun and the star audiobook” on any search engine.

  • Go to the website you think is reliable to get the book’s pdf
  • Make the payment, and that’s all. 

⏩ Currently, the book isn’t available for free on any website. So you have to purchase it for reading. 

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