Scholardle Com (2022) Let’s Know How To Play Online!

We all have played Wordle and even the spin-offs. But have you heard about Scholardle Com, which is the same as Wordle but has the academic word? Yes, the name Scholardle is made with a combination of Wordle and Scholar, and so it contains words from an academic database, so players emend to think out of the box. The working of the Scholardle is similar to Wordle, but it is not easy to crack. So, if you, too, are looking for any challenging game, “Scholardle” must be on the list.

What is Scholardle Com?

Scholardle Com is a daily puzzle game where players must guess 6-letter words within 6 attempts. The game is developed by the company that has developed Writeful, so the words in the Scholardle are quite hard to guess. Yes, the words in the game are taken from the academics, which needs players to twist their brains.

The game initially looks easy to crack, but only 6 attempts reduce the chances of making it possible. It has some common and popular academic words which are not easily guessed, so one has to be very careful. Moreover, there is no option to practice as it is a daily puzzle game. But people who wish to get something new in Wordle must try out this game to feel the difference.

The working of Scholardle is the same as Wordle, where the color of the grid will help to guess the correct word. One can switch to hard mode once comfortable with the regular game. There is no need for any registration or login to play the game. So, don’t think and try out this new game. One will surely love it.

Scholardle Com
Scholardle Com

How to play Scholardle game?

Players who are willing to take up the challenge and try the academic words need to follow the below-given steps:

  • Visit to play the game.
  • Start thinking of 6-letter words in context with the academics and enter them in the grid.
  • Make sure there are only 6 attempts to guess the correct word. 
  • You need to change the word’s position if the grid becomes yellow. If it is grey, then the word does not contain the particular letter, while green means the work is correct.
  • So, continue in the same manner and think of the word based on the color of the grid.

Once the game is completed, you must wait 24 hours to get the new game. So, play tactfully and try hard to crack the game in the given attempts.

Which setting options are available in the game?

Scholardle has different options in the game itself, which is helpful for players. Some of the options are:

  • Information: clicking on this icon helps players to understand the game. It is explained thoroughly with an example, so even a beginner can try out playing the game.
  • Settings: This icon has the option to change the mode of the game to improve colour vision. Players are free to get the game in dark mode. It also allows players to switch to hard mode depending on their experience.
  • Statistics: Players can check the timing, attempts and much more information about the game. There is also an option to share the statistics with friends and family through social media platforms. 


What makes Scholardle unique?

Scholardle is the same as Wordle, but it does not have ordinary vocabulary words but has academic words. It has scholarly words that help players to improve their English.

Is it possible to share statistics?

Yes, Scholardle gives in-depth information about the game. So, players who wish to share it with friends can go for it.

What is the source of words in Scholardle?

Writeful has a good collection of scholarly word databases, which works as the source for Scholardle. It shows the game is quite challenging to play, and one has to be smart enough to crack it.


So, people bored with Wordle and willing to have some new experience can try out Scholardle. Students prefer it as the words are from academics and thus help to learn something new. The game’s work is similar to Wordle, but there are only 6 attempts to make it challenging. Everyone should try at least once!

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