Santa Selfie

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What Is Santa Selfie?

Due to Covid restriction, this year, many people have canceled their holiday trips. Almost all people are celebrating Christmas in their own home. Children who are simply sitting at home have become bored and are looking for some entertainment.
But what most children end up doing is sitting in front of the television watching movies, web series, or some end up playing some games.

But what about Christmas? Are we all and our children going to spend our Christmas in this way?
Luckily not because to keep the Christmas spirit alive, Google has developed a new web application known as Google Santa Tracker.

The Santa Tracker has a real-time representation of the path of Santa. Google has a running counter for updates on the number of gifts given. At Santa’s next stop and keeping in mind the very sensible fact, Chris Kringle wore a purple mask to protect himself and others from COVID-19 (even though he had already been vaccinated). This sounds fun, and children would love to meet this Santa.

The site is similar to Norte’s Santa Tracker, a long-term annual plan for the North American Space Defense Command. Santa Selfie

Google Santa Tracker doubles as a fun way to entertain children with some mini-games called Elf Glider, where you use one of the keyboards to work on the hang glider as one of the Santa Glasses Can, press the space bar, and drop the sauce.
You can add Google Santa Tracker to your mobile home screen, and if you have a desktop, you can also use it by visiting their official website.

You can see the current state of Santa and explore the world. If you are far away, tap on the Santa Hat icon and immediately return to the fun spot in your car.

Click or tap the three horizontally striped “hamburger” menus in the top left corner of your screen to interact with Santa and his friends in various ways. For example, you can give Santa a selfie and get a chance at a snowball.

As Santa makes his way around the world, keep the sound to hear happy music and laughter, or if you want to enjoy Father Christmas in silence, click or tap the dumbbell button.
If you shortcut your Santa tracker on your Chromebook, you’ll see that the icon is of Santa, and he’s wearing a mask, which is a nice touch – even safer, even In the smallest case, wait a minute. Do you have a Santa tracker on your Chromebook shelf? “So, it depends on who you are asking.

If you are interested in showing Santa Tracker to your kids to add a little fun at the end of a scary year, then you should first review the Google Family Guide as a jumping-off point. It has tips and tricks for Christmas themed assistant and family connection themed activities, and each of them is fun!

Don’t forget to call your kids Santa with Google Assistant! If you do this on your Nest Hub, trust me. Have you and your family tested this year on Santa Tracker? Did you know that someone has created an entire YouTube channel dedicated to tracker games and activities and offers Santa a live stream every Christmas Eve?

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