Shattered Psycho Online Trello Link, Codes, Upd 1 Wiki, Tier List, Script & Races!

Shattered Psycho Online Trello
Shattered Psycho Online Trello

Shattered psycho online has been in talks nowadays. It is attracting more and more people. It was developed by shattered games in which the player has to create a character and fight against enemies. Many players are looking for Shattered Psycho Online Trello, Wiki, races, codes, script, etc.

And if you are here, you’re certainly one of them. Right? Welcome to the article, and please read it until the end to get the information you’re looking for. Let’s start – 

Name of the WebsiteShattered Psycho Online Trello
Article AboutTrello Link, Codes, Upd 1 Wiki, Tier List, Script & Races
AuthorEzWontech Team

Shattered psycho online Trello

Trello is a page that is made to inform the players about the basic details of the games. But as of now, the information about the shattered psycho online Trello page’s existence isn’t available. So there is a possibility that the game doesn’t have it yet.

Shattered psycho online Trello LinkClick Here

Shattered psycho online codes

Shattered psycho online codes are the codes released by developers. By using these codes, the player can get a lot of free rewards in the game.

The active codes are – 

100K Visits!!!5 uncommon race spins and 15 common race spins. 
75k Visits 5 common race spins
40k VisitsFree common race spins
25k VisitsFree common race spins
SpReset2Stat point reset
400 Likes!Free common race spins
HappyNewYear!Unknown reward
FinallyASpResetCodeStat point reset
5K Visits! Free Common Race Spins
200 LikesFree Common Race Spins
DeviousFixes!3 Uncommon Spins and 5 Race Spins
1k Member O1 race spin and two uncommon spins. 
100Likes!5 race spins
BugFix!2 race spins
RockyReleaseTwo uncommon spins
Release! 2 race spins and 1 uncommon spin. 

I am still determining when these codes will expire, so make sure to redeem them as soon as you can. 

⏩ If any new code isn’t working, reopen the game and then try to redeem it. 

⏩ While redeeming, many users get an “invalid” or “expired” message. Invalid means that you’ve entered the wrong code and expired means your code isn’t working now. In case of invalid, you should recheck its spelling. 

⏩ Entering the correct spelling is a must to get rewards. 

⏩ To get newly released codes, you can join the game’s discord server or follow developers on other platforms. They often mention the codes there. 

Redemption Process

Following is the redemption process; just follow it as it is, and you’ll be able to redeem the shattered psycho online codes easily – 

  • Open the game > tap on settings > spot a box saying “enter a code” on your screen > enter the code you’ve > tap on redeem

Shattered psycho online wiki

The work of the wiki page is more like Trello; it also contains information about specific things. For example, on the Xyz Roblox game wiki page, you’ll find data about the Xyz game. 

But many Roblox games don’t have a wiki for many reasons, and I think shattered psycho online is no exception. There is no information on whether the shattered psycho online wiki page is available or not. So you can consider that it doesn’t exist yet. 

Shattered psycho online script

Scripts are kind of instructions given to the game. If you inject them into your account, your performance will be increased significantly. 

But yet, there are no scripts available for this Roblox game. So you need to wait to get it. 

Besides this unavailable information, there are many more topics whose information is not available. Those are – 

  • Shattered psycho online tier list
  • Shattered psycho races
  • Shattered psycho online upd 1 wiki

End Note – 

I know you might be irritated to know that most of the information about the game is not available. But don’t worry; it may get available in future, so be patient. And Till then, play the game and entertain yourself. 

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