Genshin Shenhe Weapon Tier List: Get Detailed Info!

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This page has a list of the top Shenhe weapons in Genshin Impact, so you’ve come to the correct place. To determine the greatest and worst weapons for this character in Genshin, we shall rank all of them in Shenhe Weapon Tier List.

This list will include current and upcoming weapons. We will rank weapons from level S to D, where S is the best and D is the worst. Be sure to read this level list to the end as you can use it to make sure you pick up the right weapons when playing the game.

Top-Ranked Weapons from Genshin Impact Shenhe (2023).

Shenhe Weapon Tier List
Shenhe Weapon Tier List

S-Tier Shenhe Weapon Tier List

As we mentioned before, Tier S in this Shenhe weapon list contains only the best weapons for this character. You can maximise Shenhe’s abilities in Genshin Impact with the use of these weapons.

Slithic spear
Sbreakwater fin
Ssummit winner
Sjade spear
SEvil What

A level

Tier A offers decent weapons with very few drawbacks. This minor is the only reason they are not included in Tier S. If you upgrade from a Tier weapon, there is little doubt that these weapons are more than sufficient for Shenhe.

Apneumonic spear
Aenveloping beam
AHoma stic


At most, you can call B-tier weapons average. These weapons are neither the best nor the worst. They form a middle ground between higher-tier and lower-tier weapons. These weapons are passable to use at best, especially if you intend to level them up quickly.

BBlack Cliff Post Arm
Broyal spear
BCross Spear


There you go, as mentioned above, these are the worst weapons for Shenhe in this Genshin Impact tier list. We don’t want to suggest using them for anything, so avoid them at all costs.

DCroissant Pike
DBright Star
DDragon Spiked Spear
DDragon Main Lance

That’s all. These are all of Shenhe’s weapons in Genshin Impact, ranked in Shenhe Weapon Tier List. Now you can use this list to make sure you make the right choice every time you play.

There are still not enough rankings to create a community average for Shenhe Weapon Tier List. Check out the user lists below for their opinions on the best Shenhe weapon.

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