The Summer Hikaru Died Read Online Free

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The Summer Hikaru Died is a Japanese manga that revolves around the story of – Yoshiki and Hikaru, two teenage boys who live in a small rural town in Japan. Even though they have different personalities and hobbies, they are very close friends. Both of them secretly have feelings for each other, but they haven’t talked about it yet.

The Summer Hikaru Died Read Online Free
The Summer Hikaru Died Read Online Free

Due to this fantastic plot of the story, many people want to go through it. And if you are here, you may be one of them. Right? If this is the case, you should not miss out on this article. It will let you know the manga’s plot and the process of the summer Hikaru died read online. So just read on – 

The Summer Hikaru Died Plot 

One day, Hikaru goes hiking in the mountains and gets seriously hurt. While he’s dying, something strange happens. A weird creature finds him and somehow takes on his appearance and memories. 

This new “Hikaru” seems like the old one, but it’s not really him. Yoshiki realizes this pretty quickly.

Yoshiki still cares about this new “Hikaru” and wants to be with him, but there are some big problems. 

“Hikaru” is now very different because of the strange creature inside him. Also, there are other creatures, like the one that took Hikaru, and there are people who hunt them down. This makes it really hard for Yoshiki and “Hikaru” to stay together.

Now, we’ve to see how Yoshiki manages this situation, whether he lives with Hikaru or not. 

How to read The Summer Hikaru Died Online? 

Going through this amazing manga is no no-brainer. Just search for something like “the summer Hikaru died read online” on any search engine. 

After that, decide the web page you want to read it on. There are many websites that provide it for free, like,, etc. Just choose any of them. 

Visit it and then decide the chapter number you want to read. Click on it, and that’s all. The chapter will open. 

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