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If you’re here, you have certainly heard about the fantastic manga – Under The Oak Tree — Read Online from anyone. Right? It’s a romantic story that can attract readers just after when they hear its summary. Whenever people complete its first chapter, they can’t leave it; they wish to complete the entire manga.

If you are also interested in reading it, I would suggest you go through this post, as it will inform you how to read Under the oak tree online. Let’s begin – 

Under The Oak Tree Read Online
Under The Oak Tree Read Online

Under The Oak Tree — Read Online

Many people wish to read it online but don’t have any sources. If you are one of them, just don’t worry. Follow the steps mentioned here, and you’ll be able to read it online – 

  • Open any search engine. 
  • Type “Under The Oak Tree — Read Online” and search for it. 
  • Go to the website that makes it available and read it from there. 

Have any second thoughts about whether you should read the manga or not? If yes, you should read its summary. If you like it, you can invest your time in reading the book. And if not, you can leave it. Simple!

Summary of Under the Oak Tree

Maxilian, the daughter of one of the most powerful people on the scene, is married to a knight. Her father doesn’t want her to marry into a wealthy family because she can’t speak confidently. Apart from that, he wanted someone else to go to the war in his place. That’s why he forces Maxi to marry the knight. 

Riften Calypse, the person Maxi gets married to, was tasked by the King to kill the Dragon. So after he marries Maxi, he leaves her on their wedding night. 

Duke, Maxi’s father, has always abused her. And even after her marriage, he does not stop; he still abuses her physically and mentally. He believes that Riften will divorce Maxi and Marry princess Agnes. She had magical skills and was very beautiful. 

That’s why he asks Maxi not to divorce Riften; otherwise, their family name would be ruined. She thinks she will die because she doesn’t want to cause trouble for her father. 

But Riften returns to her when she is pondering about all that. They make love, but Riftan has to return to his empire the next day. Maxi thinks it’s all her fault that she can’t keep her husband to herself. He will leave her again. But all these are just her thoughts; it doesn’t happen. 

He asks her to pack her stuff because he wants to take her to his empire. He holds her in his arms and orders the attendants to get the bags. 

Journey to Anatol

Their journey to Anatol (Riftan’s empire) starts from here. Maxi is confused about why her husband is taking her with him. She was wondering about all this, but suddenly, she returned to reality. Someone was trying to kidnap her, but it couldn’t. Riftan rips him, and then they travel to the nearest town. They make love there and resume their journey the next day. 

When they arrive in the empire, civilians welcome them. Riftan introduces maxi to all the maids and attendants. 

After that, they take a bath, and then Maxi gets an invitation to supper. Her maids bring her gorgeous gowns, and everyone is waiting to see her. 

A new character is introduced during supper – Ruth. He is a friend of Riftan and a magician. 

Riftan is so attached to Maxi that he requests her to renovate the palace and make it comfortable for both. 

Riftan again leaves for training

Once again, he has to leave Maxi because he is going to training. Besides, the King has notified him that he and his horde will attend the victory ceremony. He doesn’t want to let the King down, so he accompanies the crew to the kingdom. 

Maxi is depressed now. But then she focuses on renovating the place and starts to figure out the budget. She goes to the library and meets Ruth there. Then, she asks her about the money, and they discuss some more things. 

After getting the idea of the budget, Maxi starts decorating the place; she replaces curtains and marble. 

Attack on Maxi

Some visitors visit the empire, and guards look into their backgrounds. Intruders try to enter the empire, and a deadly fight ensues. But in the end, they successfully enter the empire using magic spells. They try to harm Maxi. She runs from them to protect herself. 

Riftan returns and gets angry after knowing the situation. He slaughters every interloper he sees and is determined to assassinate the leader. Maxi stops him. 

After getting out of this situation, they enjoy supper together, and riftan is pleased when he sees the decorations. 

Ruth’s proposal for defense

Ruth proposes to create a barrier for the empire’s defense; he asks for Maxi’s help. She agreed and worked hard on preparing the defense equipment. 

But then, an army of goblins and werewolves attacks the empire. Many troops got injured. Maxi proceeded to help them but was assaulted by a werewolf. However, a soldier saves her and takes her safely to the palace. 

⏩ The manga has a lot of intimate scenes, so if you have a problem with that stuff, you should think twice. 


I know I have given you spoilers, and I apologize for that. But it will help you decide whether you are really interested in the boom or you should drop the idea of investing your time into it. 

I have also mentioned the process of reading “Under The Oak Tree — Read Online“. I hope you won’t face difficulties in reading or finding it online. 

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