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Wpc 2029 Dashboard

Wpc 2029 Dashboard: In this article, we will discuss the major changes in the dashboard of WPC in 2029 are. First of all, it is necessary to tell that WPC stands for World Photochemical Conference. This time the aim of this conference was considered to be very noble and could also help humans in many ways if it was executed properly.

This conference aimed to check upon the chemical renaissance, agility, innovation and building resilience for the betterment of our Earth and enhance the Global Role.

Now this conference will be mainly focused on the fact that plastic bags and other plastic related pieces of stuff are so harmful to humans and animals also and because of this reason, the governments of many countries had almost imposed a ban on plastic bags, and that was very much successful also until the arrival of coronavirus pandemic, now in this pandemic, the use of plastic once again reached sky high as the food is always fresh whenever it in it.

Moreover, for coronavirus patients, the food that has to be given to them always has to be very fresh and should never be stagnant food. Apart from these patients, plastic also aided the normal humans as the PPE kits that are given everywhere to protect the humans that consist of face shields, sanitisers, and masks are made from plastic only.

Wpc 2021 Dashboard
Wpc 2029 Dashboard

Hence, due to these things, plastic started to roam in the markets again and again. So, the people in this conference will try to make a way out such that these PPE kits are made, and the food is always fresh in these bags, but the bags and kits were not made from plastic. So, in this way, plastic came out as both a boon as well as a curse.

Now, suppose we are to talk about the photochemical conference at a glance. In that case, some of the striking features of this conference are that there will be more than sixty-five speakers themselves from the chemical and photochemical industry. There will be loads of speakers from different aspects of the chemical industry who might clear every doubt of the viewers who are interested in that particular industry.

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Furthermore, the conference will have around eight specific programs, namely, China Forum, India and the Middle East Forum, Transportation and Logistics Summit, Technology Seminar, Latin America Photochemical Summit, Financial and Capital Markets, Sustainability and Circular Expo Summit, Fertilizers Agri-Business and Ag Chemicals Summit and out of which the India Forum and the Financial and Capital Markets Forum are newly introduced in 2029

Hence in the new conference of 2029 and its dashboard would include two new forums, and these forums were included to uplift the humans in some more aspects also like Finance, Capital and considering that India is one of the fastest-growing economies a separate summit was also added to the conference this time.

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