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We all might have heard about betting but playing with life is not good. Today, there are tournaments where humans use animals and birds to make money. One such game banned in many countries but still played in the Philippines is “Wpit18.” There was a time when birds and animals were used for entertainment in the circus, but today, it got a new form with a technological change.

There are betting games where roosters, eagles, and other such birds are used to fight against other birds to win. There are websites where participants register themselves and take their birds to the scheduled venue to participate in the competition. It isn’t warm-hearted, but many people in the Philippines consider it a source of earning money.

Wpit18 Login
Wpit18 Login

What is Wpit18?

World Pitmasters, also known as Wpt18, is a tournament/competition where birds like roosters fight against other birds. People keep birds as their pets and use them in such competition to make money. Not only these, but this tournament is even streamed live, and people are eagerly waiting to watch bird’s fight.

Even though such tournaments are banned in many countries, some sites still work that show people are still interested in them, and the Philippines is among them.

People looking to win prize money by making the birds fight are free to register themselves on the site. There are certain rules and regulations of Wpit18 which are to be followed by every member who registers themselves. There are different prize money depending on the position and level of the game.

How to register with Wpit18?

If you are living in the Philippines and willing to take part in such a cruel act, follow the below-given steps:

  • First, you need to go to the official website of Wpit18.com. (It is banned in most countries, but if you were in the Philippines, it would work).
  • Look out for the create new account option on the page and click on it.
  • Fill with all the required details like name, mobile number, and other required ot complete the registration process.
  • Lastly, submit the form for further approval.
  • There is also an option for people of the Philippines to “Contact Us” if you cannot create an account on the site. The details of the numbers are as follows:

WhatsApp – 09451491761

Viber – 09638900729

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Why is there a need for a wpit18 login?

The event Wpit18 is held offline, where people come up with their birds like roosters to fight against other birds and defeat them. But there is no option of offline registration, and so, at the Wpit18 website, people register themselves. It would also help the Wpit18 organization know about the number of participants and thus arrange the event accordingly.

The websites work as a medium where people can get themselves registered for the tournament. On registration, participants get the username and password that will be used to access the account. Moreover, people waiting to enjoy the live streaming of this tournament can get access through the site.

Why must World Pitmasters be banned?

The Wpit18 tournament is all about rooster fighting, and it isn’t kind. Roosters fight against each other where they get cut, bleed, and even die. It is a cruel act, and many countries have banned any such tournament. But the Philippines is one such country where people are still looking forward to the event and even participate enthusiastically.

Everyone can’t watch this dangerous game as birds are injured badly, and we feel like crying for them. Many NGOs are fighting against such a tournament and taking action to ban it worldwide. But as humans, we should also try hard and avoid promoting or watching such tournaments.


What is Wpit18?

It is an online sabong where people register themselves and make their birds fight against each other. People register themselves and make their birds fight to win money. The site has a social media presence, and still, there are in favor of the birds fighting game.

Is the Wpit18 tournament sensible?

No, Wpit18 is not a sensible game, so most countries have banned it. But people in the Philippines are using the site and playing the game with full enthusiasm. Many NGOs and birds’ welfare foundations are working to stop such tournaments where birds get injured and die.

How do Wpit18.com works?

The site gives an option for people to register themselves if they wish to participate in the tournament. On completing the registration process, participants are required to take their rooster to the venue to fight, and if the bird can survive till the end, the owner gets a good amount of money.


Wpit18 is a cruel act where birds like roosters are used to earn money. It is not a human act as many roosters get injured and die because of this deadly fight. We do not promote any such activity, and this information is to bring awareness that we should not be part of any such act. We must raise our voices and stop any cruel acts against animals and birds.

Also, there is no guaranty that you will get money after winning, so avoid these non-genuine sites. It is recommended to check the online reviews of people before even registering yourself on Wpit18. It is advisable to avoid such websites not becoming part of these violent acts.

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