Free Fire OB34 Update Latest Version Download!

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Free Fire is one of the best multiplayer battle games with a massive fan following. The developers update the game with new features to keep the excitement level. The Free Fire OB34 Update is about to release on 25th May, where players worldwide can have this new feature.

In many countries like India, where Free Fire is banned, players can still get through Free Fire Max. So, let’s check more about the free fire ob34 update and know what it has brought for the players.

What is there in the free Fire ob34 update?

Free Fire does not miss a chance to impress their players, and so is with the OB34 update. Yes, the game has come up with new weapons, craft lands, clash squads, etc. Players would be happy to see this update, but they need to wait even after the server is updated.

People worldwide would get the updates based on their respective time zone. So, they will get to enjoy updates at different times. There might be a delay because of server maintenance in some countries.

Free Fire OB34 Update
Free Fire OB34 Update

Players would find new weapons and characters with updates that can make them more powerful. The game is about surviving the deadly battle where weapons and characters make survival easy. So, getting a new option will make the game interesting for all.

Which updates are there with OB34?

Free Fire has come up with significant updates in OB34. So, let’s have a look at what players would be getting in this new update:

  • The game has come up with new characters where players can choose one character at one time.
  • Zombie mode is released, where players will get a new map and get a new gaming experience with friends.
  • G36 and M24 are the two new weapons introduced with the free Fire ob34 update.
  • The BR model is also released with te3h new update where players can win rewards and points that can help them in the game.
  • The new update has some of the content and features that have created excitement among players.

How to get a free Fire ob34 update?

If you are a Free Fire fan, you get the update to enjoy new weapons and characters. So, to install the update OB34, follow the below-given steps:

  • Visit the App Store or Google Play store, depending on whether you are using an Android or iOS device. 
  • Enter “Garena Free Fire” in the search box.
  • If you are new, there would be the option to install, but players looking for OB34 will get the option “update.”
  • So, click on the update, and it will start downloading the OB34 package and thus get new features of the game.


What is the file size for the free Fire ob34 update?

The expected file size is 700 to 750MB. The size occupied by the file in the device is approximately 250 -350 MG, and the rest is dependent on the device.

How can Indian players get the update?

The original Garena Free Fire is blocked in India, but the Free Fire Max variant is available for them. So, players can check the update in the variant and enjoy new features of the game.


One who loves playing free Fire in their free time must check out the new update. Developers have made sure to get something unique and impressive for players.

Installing the OB34 package is not a difficult task, and everyone can get it on the device. So, wait for the release to get updated on the server and enjoy new features.

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