G7DT Com (Global7) Register & Login To Test Covid!

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What Is G7DT Com?

The widespread of Covid has made life miserable, so every country is taking precautionary steps to restrict the spread of the virus. One of the main problems is the lack of testing, as people must wait to get tested. But if you are living in Greater Atlanta, get the free covid testing by the Global7 Diagnostic, also known as “G7DT Com”.

Residents of the great Atlanta can register themselves to get a test by g7dt for free. People must get registered for free covid testing at different locations during the event or the lab. So, let’s look at how one can get their free covid testing by G7DT Com.

About Global7 Diagnostic

Global7 Diagnostic is a certified laboratory which is in Georgia. The laboratory was set up in 2015 and has been able to get a good name because of its services.

It has specialized machines, techniques, and teams for allergic testing and thus helps people know the main cause of the problem to get a perfect diagnosis.

G7DT Com
G7DT Com

The lab also started Covid-19 testing and tried hard to deliver reports to the earliest. It offers all types of tests and thus helps people take precautions and medications accordingly.

Not only this, but Global7 Diagnostic was the first laboratory in Georgia to test SARS-CoV-2 in the year 2020. The laboratory has set up a free service for residents of Atlanta and thus pay their contribution to humanity.

The Global7 Diagnostic offers free Covid testing in Greater Atlanta and covers many Miami areas. Moreover, it will be conducted throughout the 2021 Atlanta events, so residents don’t miss the chance and get free covid testing.

Reports will be delivered as soon as possible, but it might take time because of traffic.

How to g7dt.com register?

If you are living in Greater Atlanta or Miami and required to have a Covid-19 test, register yourself with G7DT Com for the free test. So, to conduct the test, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • First, visit the official site (g7dt.comg7 event g7 test.com to register with the laboratory for free testing.
  • Users must select between events or lab, which shows where they are registering themselves.
  • The site asks for personal details of the first name, last name, DOB, phone number, gender, email address, street address, zip code, city, state, and country. These are mandatory details required to enter, along with some extra information.
  • Users are also required to set their password to have their credentials to log in.
  • The site is quite flexible and respects privacy, and so one can select the ethnicity and race if they wish, or else it can remain confidential.
  • If one has the insurance, select accordingly, or click on “Cares act Consent Form”.
  • Lastly, click on the “Next” button to complete the registration process. The form has the 2nd, 3rd and 4th stages of the form that is to be filled by the users.
  • Upon completing all the stages, users would be given their login credentials that are further used to log in to the site and get details.

How to g7dt.com login?

Every individual needs to register on the official site to get all the required information like the venues and reports. Once the user has registered with the site, they have a username and password. So, to access your account next time, visit https://g7event.g7test.com/admin/ and enter your credentials. Thus, accessing your account is quite easy for everyone.

How many days does it take to get the test result? 

In general cases, the Covid test results are available within 1 day, but people having tests during the event might have to wait for 48 hours due to access traffic. The best part is users who have registered once with the site are not further required to make an appointment and take precautions until the reports are available.

Users who are about to give tests should not drink or eat anything 30 mins before testing. The laboratory has also asked all their registrars to follow the rules set by the event. It would help stop the spread of the virus and smoothly conduct the event.


Where is g7dt conducting free test?

People of Atlanta must register at the official site to book the laboratory. There are different locations in Atlanta and Miami where people can get their free tests. The service is available throughout the anime Weekend Atlanta 2021 event. 

Which g7dt offers different tests?

The laboratory G7DT Com offers both types of covid test, including Rapid Antigen and Traditional PCR testing (Nasal and Saliva). So, people can go for both types of testing if the 1st is positive.

Is it mandatory to make an appointment?

No, users are not required to make an appointment for visiting during the event or even in the lab. They need to register themselves through the site before visiting the venue for testing.


Global7 diagnostic intends to help people and provide the best service. The free covid testing conducted in different locations of Atlanta is helping people to get a timely diagnosis if they are covid positive.

The laboratory is quite helpful and is offering the testing for free. People who are tested positive are required to pay the fees to the healthcare professional for their services. 

So, people in the city, and have any covid symptoms, register themselves with, and g7dt for free testing.

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